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Introducing: Transformed by the Spirit (Powerful Ministry and Confirmation)

Dyed4you Art’s Transformed by the Spirit

This week’s release, Transformed by the Spirit, was inspired by and is a derivative piece from the Heir of Promise art piece. We knew from its inception we wanted it as a Dyed4you Art flag and it was created with that end in mind, but what a beautiful journey!

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Introducing: Refreshing Worship

Refreshing Worship – Dyed4you Art

Last week as we were introducing Embrace Gratitude, we mentioned the other art piece we would be releasing that included the Songs of Ascent (the Steps) Prophetic Nugget collection we shared last week on the Dyed4you Ministries blog, and this week’s release – Refreshing Worship – is that piece (we actually shared this piece briefly in the form of a card this past week on Lunchtime Live). It was the original inspiration for the Prophetic Nugget collection, and is a derivative piece from Refreshing Love. We pray that the art and its word bless you!

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Introducing: Peaceable Kingdom

Peaceable Kingdom – Dyed4you Art

This week’s release, Peaceable Kingdom, is also our newest Dyed4you Art flag (it’s on Etsy)! This beautiful piece actually incorporates another Dyed4you Art piece: Come to the River. Just after I made the art one of our Dyed4you Community members contacted me because she felt she was to have a Lion and the Lamb Dyed4you Art flag – talk about confirmation! This is what she shared on social media, “Meghan is God’s Love for me and confirmation in her banners of what God is doing in my Life!!” God is so good! We hope the art and its word bless you too.

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Introducing: Daughter Live

Scripture Art version of Daughter Live by Dyed4you Art

This week’s release began as a nonproprietary commissioned art piece (like the One Body piece we released a few weeks back). It is called Daughter Live, and it was created as a branding piece for a blog (see below with logo). The recipient loved it! And the art and its word so resonated with me that I had it made into mounted art and have it hanging on my wall (see below). I pray it blesses you as well!

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Introducing: Lamb of God

Very excited about this week’s Dyed4you Art release, Lamb of God, because we’re going to add it to our line of Dyed4you Art flags (which are available on Etsy)! We’ve been asked for a Lamb flag before, but didn’t have a piece that would work for it. So we’ve been waiting for Papa to download one – and He did! This is going to be part of a mismatched set (the other half will be released next week). This multi-art set were a recent surprise set of Prophetic “Portraits”. The Lamb of God is actually a derivative art piece to a commissioned piece we created recently that we have yet to share – more on that one later. In the mean time, we pray the Lamb of God and its word will bless you richly! You can see the modified flag version below – it’s available by special order until it becomes available on Etsy. Continue reading

Introducing: The Seeker’s Keys

This week brings the next addition to our Living Word series. It’s called The Seeker’s Keys. It’s a derivative of a custom piece we created nearly ten years ago that was never released called Gatekeeper (which is the name of the Dyed4you silk featured in the art piece. We hope that the art and its word are a blessing to you! Continue reading

Introducing: Portals of Praise

This week’s release is our newest in the Music of Heaven series, it’s called Portals of Praise. This piece features a keyboard (others in this series have featured a guitar, violin, and vocalist). This is one of our derivative pieces and is based on our Window of Heaven piece. We pray that the art and its word are a blessing to you! Continue reading

Introducing: Blooming Faith

During our weekly Lunchtime Lives on our Dyed4you Ministries Facebook page (which we include each week with the Prophetic Nugget we share during the livestream), we’ve talked on numerous occasions about dayenu, which means it would have been sufficient (here’s what we shared this past week: Hold Fast and Give Thanks). It’s a reminder that God has done enough to be worthy of praise even if He does no more. It’s about staying in a place of gratitude and praise regardless of circumstance. This week’s release, Blooming Faith, includes a pair of silks called Dayenu and falls along the same theme. We hope the art and its word will be a blessing to you! Continue reading

Introducing: Eyes Fixed

Periodically, Papa has us revisit one of our existing pieces and He gives us new insight and sometimes a new direction for it. This week’s release is one such example. Eyes Fixed is a derivative piece of our Strong in the Lord piece, which was released nearly a decade ago. Each piece has a distinctive message, but both along a spiritual warfare theme. We hope you are blessed by this new piece and its word as well as the original! Continue reading

Introducing: Anointed for War: Knight Light

Excited to introduce our newest release which is part of our Warrior series. It’s called Anointed for War: Knight Light. If this piece feels somewhat familiar, it’s because it is a derivative piece from our Refuse To Be Moved image. This piece came forth from a vision, but it connected with the visual from Refuse To Be Moved, thus bringing forth Knight Light (which yes, we laughed at God’s pun on that one too). We hope the art and its word bless you! Continue reading

Introducing: Altar of Praise

For those who enjoy seeing the Dyed4you Art pieces that feature various instruments, we’re excited to introduce the newest one which features an instrument that somehow hadn’t made it into a previous piece – the guitar! This beautiful new addition to the Worship Warfare series is called Altar of Praise. It is a derivative art piece to a custom piece we did a while back as a gift for an anointed, longtime worship leader, Kent Henry (whose hands still show in this image), of Carriage House Ministries (if you watch my flagging videos you’ve likely heard him or one of his kids who are grown and anointed worship leaders in their own right). We pray that this piece and its word bless (and challenge) you. Continue reading

Introducing: Bondage Breaker (and Bondage Breaker: the Shield)

Very excited to introduce this week’s release (and not just because it features my hubby), a multiart set called Bondage Breaker including last week’s release, Bondage Breaker: the Sword, and a piece we are releasing this week called Bondage Breaker: the Shield.  If you follow our Prophetic Nuggets on Dyed4you Ministries, you heard the story of the creation of Bondage Breaker: the Shield in our post YHVH Tsur (the Lord my Strength). It is a beautiful story of patience, persistence, obeying the leading of Holy Spirit, and taking each step as it comes. I hope you are blessed by both these pieces and the words and story that goes with them!  Continue reading

Introducing: Bondage Breaker: the Sword

A while back we created a chain-breaking  commissioned proprietary art piece as branding for a ministry (Free Soul). Many have been blessed by the message behind the imagery, but because it’s proprietary, we’re able to share it for viewing but not sell it, which has brought some disappointment. I’d considered making another chain-breaking piece several times over the years, but never felt the nudge from Papa to do so. Continue reading

Introducing: Season of Rededication

Happy to be introducing a new piece this week called Season of Rededication. This is a derivative art piece that comes from the Vigilant Victory Dyed4you Art image. It’s been extraordinary as Papa revisits some of our existing art and breathes something new in (and through) it. We pray the art and its word bless you! Continue reading

Introducing: Refuse to Be Moved

This week’s release is another Prophetic “Portrait” that we’re releasing. It is the newest in our Faith series and is called Refuse To Be Moved. It has a similar theme to it as a commissioned piece we did years ago called Immovable (here’s the testimony from that one: Commissioned Art Blessing). Similarly to the Zealous Abiders [multi-art set], this piece underwent slight changes from its Prophetic “Portrait” look before being released to our gallery. We love seeing how Papa uses each rendition of the art pieces and we pray that this art piece and its word bless you! Continue reading

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