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Introducing: Stir it Up

Stir It Up pairMore art inspired by the inspirational images we’ve created for our Facebook page! This is actually a pair of images that share the same word. They’re titled Stir it Up, and they’re part of the Worship Warfare series. When we shared a sneak preview of these on Facebook you all totally caught the feeling these were intended to share! The original inspy pic is below. As always, we pray these are a blessing to you as well as the word that goes with them.  Continue reading

Introducing: In Every Season

InEverySeasonIn Every Season is another image that began as an inspy pic to share on our Facebook page (below). As this image was fleshed out with the woodgrain edges in the final image (representing solidity, strength, and steadfastness), the scripture from Ecclesiastes 3 kept hovering in my mind. I kept pondering how easy it is to love God in the beautiful, easy seasons and how challenging it is to cling to Him in the dark and barren ones. Yet we’re called to remain steadfast. We hope this piece (the second image in our Inspirational series) serves as a beautiful reminder of that. Continue reading

Introducing: Dance with Fire

DanceWithFireLast week we released the first part of this duet (Dance with the Wind), and this week we’re releasing the next image in the Dance series and other half of the duet, Dance with Fire. These pieces bring a message of restoration and purification. This is another Dyed4you Art image that was inspired by one of the inspirational images we created to share on our Facebook page (next week is another inspy-inspired piece too). See the original inspirational image below. Hope you are blessed by all these images! Continue reading

Introducing: Bloom Unashamed

Bloom UnashamedThe inspiration for the newest Dyed4you Art piece came from an inspirational image we created to share on our Facebook page (see image below). This is the second time this has happened (the first was our Mourning into Dancing piece). This new image is called Bloom Unashamed and the word that goes with it speaks to our identity and being content to be who we were created to be rather than constantly comparing ourselves to others.  Continue reading

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