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Blog Interview with Friends of the Prophets

I had the privilege of being interviewed on a blog by Jeffrey Reynolds, and wanted to be sure to share it here because it was fun to get to remember and document these aspects of Dyed4you Art history. It’s amazing to me that at the time of this interview, Dyed4you Art has been around for 12 years! Time sure does fly.

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Introducing: Peaceable Kingdom

Peaceable Kingdom – Dyed4you Art

This week’s release, Peaceable Kingdom, is also our newest Dyed4you Art flag (it’s on Etsy)! This beautiful piece actually incorporates another Dyed4you Art piece: Come to the River. Just after I made the art one of our Dyed4you Community members contacted me because she felt she was to have a Lion and the Lamb Dyed4you Art flag – talk about confirmation! This is what she shared on social media, “Meghan is God’s Love for me and confirmation in her banners of what God is doing in my Life!!” God is so good! We hope the art and its word bless you too.

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Fire and Colour Dyed4you Art Feature: The Seeker’s Keys

Our friends at Fire and Colour featured another Dyed4you Art piece last week: The Seeker’s Keys by Meghan Williams The full word for our The Seeker’s Keys piece on its gallery page. This is the third piece of Dyed4you Art they’ve shared and I have enjoyed finding new artists as well. I recently bought Annorah by Candice van der Westhuizen (see below by my Heir of Promise) after she featured it because I fell in love with the flagger (imagine that right? LOL)! See it on my wall below as well as Larisa’s poster of The Seeker’s Keys. 🙂

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Fire and Colour Dyed4you Art Feature: Mighty Warrior

Our friends at Fire and Colour are featuring another Dyed4you Art piece this week: Mighty Warrior by Meghan Williams. The full word for our Mighty Warrior piece can be found in its gallery page. They featured our Floodgates of Heaven piece back in June, and can I just say I have enjoyed not just all the amazing prophetic art they’ve been sharing on their blog, but the stunning layouts she creates to accent each art piece. She has an amazing eye and is a wonderful artist as well. I hope you’ll consider following her blog and being blessed by more of the work she shares 🙂

Fire and Colour Dyed4you Art Feature

Our friends at Fire and Colour (whose color cards we have displayed in our dyeing area which we show on our color page) have changed up the focus on their site to include features about other prophetic artists. And we have the honor of being the first!  Continue reading

Introducing: Bondage Breaker (and Bondage Breaker: the Shield)

Very excited to introduce this week’s release (and not just because it features my hubby), a multiart set called Bondage Breaker including last week’s release, Bondage Breaker: the Sword, and a piece we are releasing this week called Bondage Breaker: the Shield.  If you follow our Prophetic Nuggets on Dyed4you Ministries, you heard the story of the creation of Bondage Breaker: the Shield in our post YHVH Tsur (the Lord my Strength). It is a beautiful story of patience, persistence, obeying the leading of Holy Spirit, and taking each step as it comes. I hope you are blessed by both these pieces and the words and story that goes with them!  Continue reading

Introducing: The Beauty of Holiness (and derivative art pieces)

Excited to be introducing the next in our Inspirational series, which is called The Beauty of Holiness. This piece is also the first released of what we’re calling our derivative art pieces. These are pieces that come from one of our earlier pieces. The Beauty of Holiness is a derivative of a piece we never released called Holy Encounter (we shared a testimony from its recipient: Beautiful Confirmation). You can compare the two pieces side-by-side below. Continue reading

Introducing: Multi-Art Sets and Blessed Beyond a Curse including the Forever Faithful set

Excited to introduce to you this week both our newest release, Blessed Beyond a Curse, and our first multi-art word, Forever Faithful. Last week we introduced Heir of Promise and shared that it was originally created as a Prophetic “Portrait”. When we went to create the Prophetic “Portrait” we realized there was more than one art piece there. So we birthed a second art piece and word to surprise her with. Continue reading

Longer Words & Introducing: Faithful and True

You may have noticed some of the words with our art pieces are getting longer (e.g. last week’s release). Initially, we planned to offer 8×10 versions of the word because we know you guys like framing the word too sometimes, but we’ve realized that still truncates the flow because we’re still limited on space. So we’re simply going to let the words be whatever they are, however long they are. No worries, a 5×7 portion of the word will continue to come with your art! We’ll just note at the bottom if there was more to the prophetic download than was included 😉 Since we post the full words in the gallery on our site, you always have access and are welcome to print them out.  Continue reading

Prophetic Printcard 10-pk Giveaway

Prophetic Printcard 10-pkWe’re doing a giveaway! It’s been too long since we’ve done a blog giveaway so we’ve got a prophetic printcard 10-pk that we’ll be giving away.  There’s a couple ways to enter. First, comment on any of our blog posts or the images in our gallery. Each comment is an entry to the giveaway – so feel free to comment away 🙂

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Online Ordering is Available

SquareD4YartSo excited to announce that you can once again purchase your Dyed4you Art items ONLINE!  The online store is available through Square who we’ve been using to process our credit cards since Fall of 2011. They’ve proved themselves to be reliable and safe. Continue reading

Facebook Cover Pictures

Did you know that Dyed4you Art’s Facebook page now has an album with Dyed4you Art Cover pics for you to use, enjoy and share?  We haven’t created them for all our past images, but we plan to keep creating them for future ones (as long as FB keeps the current layout anyway! LOL). Continue reading

Double Giveaway Winners!

Congratulations to our winners from the Subscribe & Share Double Giveaway!  We look forward to hearing your testimonies 🙂 Continue reading

Subscribe & Share Double Giveaway!

First off, congrats to Donna Fuller – our winner of the 16×20 subscriber giveaway!!!

Since the time-frame on the last giveaway was a short one, we decided to continue to encourage folks to get subscribed (and to bless those who already are) by doing a subscriber giveaway! But we also wanted to encourage you to tell your friends about Dyed4you Art, so we added a second giveaway package for telling your friend(s) about us! Continue reading

16×20 Subscriber Giveaway

We decided to encourage folks to get subscribed (and to bless those who already are) by doing a subscriber giveaway! So one of you wonderful people will be receiving a 16×20 piece of Dyed4you Art! Continue reading

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