Dyed4you Art’s Transformed by the Spirit

This week’s release, Transformed by the Spirit, was inspired by and is a derivative piece from the Heir of Promise art piece. We knew from its inception we wanted it as a Dyed4you Art flag and it was created with that end in mind, but what a beautiful journey!

We have a couple fun testimonies, the first is from a recipient of a Transformed Dyed4you Art flag (which is based on the Transformed by the Spirit art piece).

I really enjoy ministering with this flag and the spirit that comes with it. Literally the transforming spirit. Even the transforming of thoughts  – how people perceive themselves and transforming how they think about their future and who they are in Christ.

The second is from someone who received one of the Transformed Dyed4you Art tallits as a gift.

I got the shawl! I am so overwhelmed! Oh my God! The Butterfly attracted me the moment I saw it on the flag!!!! I have a thing with Butterflies and what they represent in my life. I’m so overwhelmed!  I have to compose myself! This has been part of my Journey in the last couple of years…Everything including the caterpillar!! He spoke to me those words a few years back! He used you to remind me so much! Thank you for your obedience – I need to re-read it! 

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