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In His Marvelous Light {Conference Branding}

Note: the conference dates are being pushed back (unfortunately not an uncommon occurrence during this 2020/2021 time period!)

I still remember the urgency of the prompting I had to create this piece called In His Marvelous Light. It was made into Art flags after creation and I kept waiting for the testimony that I knew would come because I understood that pressing from Holy Spirit. And I waited, and I waited.

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Introducing: Daughter Live

Scripture Art version of Daughter Live by Dyed4you Art

This week’s release began as a nonproprietary commissioned art piece (like the One Body piece we released a few weeks back). It is called Daughter Live, and it was created as a branding piece for a blog (see below with logo). The recipient loved it! And the art and its word so resonated with me that I had it made into mounted art and have it hanging on my wall (see below). I pray it blesses you as well!

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Living Colors & Expressions

It’s always fun when we get to see our commissioned art pieces in use. A while back we were commissioned to create a prophetic piece to be used in branding for Living Colors & Expressions. He showed me His light hitting a prism and exploding into color. It was as though the color took flight. When I went to create it, that flight took the form of butterflies. 🙂  Continue reading

DiViNE Purpose Publishing

LaShawn of DiViNE Purpose Publishing found Dyed4you Art via Lana Vawser. We immediately sensed a connection, and LaShawn added me to her team for commissioned prophetic artwork created for her author’s covers. As we began working together, Papa gave me a vision for DPP and the artwork and logo that came forth were beautiful (if I do say so myself). The website was updated with the new look and we created business cards and promo cards to match. Continue reading

Go Live Pure

GoLivePure.comWe had the pleasure of helping GoLivePure.com rebrand. We created a new logo for them as well as an image that captures the feel of their site (which was used as their Facebook page header), which was also sized to be their new website header and worked into their website’s background. We love their new look!  Continue reading

Free Soul

Free SoulThis is a commissioned piece we created a few months back for I’m Free a ministry serving molestation and incest survivors. The piece is based on John 8:36 (AMP) “So if the Son makes you free, then you are unquestionably free.” Some of the things I saw in the spirit going into this were dawn of a new day, broken chains, wings (spiritual warfare), and a kneeling “soul”. The image I was seeing was darker but, with the light – the dawn – breaking through. And all this came together to create this piece, which the ministry is using on its website (see below).  Continue reading

The Scent of Heaven Redesign

After many months of tweaking and refining, we’ve finally launched the new Scent of Heaven website! It’s based off the art piece we’ve shown you before that was created just for them. We think it came out beautifully and hope you do too 🙂 Continue reading

Art for the Scent of Heaven

So excited to have been able to create a piece of art for our friend at The Scent of Heaven!  We’ll be creating a website based on the art and launching a redesign in the not too distant future, so stay tuned 🙂 Continue reading

4 Sisters 4 Him

Dyed4you and Dyed4you Art worked with 4 Sisters 4 Him to create their vision in art form. It began with dyeing 4 scarves according to the colors the Lord had shown them each with its meaning. Continue reading

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