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Introducing: Refuse to Be Moved

This week’s release is another Prophetic “Portrait” that we’re releasing. It is the newest in our Faith series and is called Refuse To Be Moved. It has a similar theme to it as a commissioned piece we did years ago called Immovable (here’s the testimony from that one: Commissioned Art Blessing). Similarly to the Zealous Abiders [multi-art set], this piece underwent slight changes from its Prophetic “Portrait” look before being released to our gallery. We love seeing how Papa uses each rendition of the art pieces and we pray that this art piece and its word bless you! Continue reading

Introducing: Eyes of Mercy

This beautiful addition to our “Painted” series, is called Eyes of Mercy. It was originally birthed as a Prophetic “Portrait”, and is now being released so you all can be blessed by the word that goes with this poignant piece. We pray it is a blessing to you! Continue reading

What is Prophetic Choice?

We’ve been offering the prophetic choice option for six years now with many beautiful testimonies to confirm this was the right way to go! It’s become the default purchasing option. In this video, we give a quick overview of what we mean by it and how it works.  Continue reading

Commissioned Art Blessing

Immovable_FBAlways fun to get good feedback!  This quick testimonial came from someone who commissioned a custom piece of art.  It’s name ended up being Immovable. Here’s what she shared: Continue reading

Posters for the Prayer Room

Here’s a story from someone who was given a D4Yart Gift Certificate and ordered two posters, Come Away and had us do one prophetically, which was the then unreleased Uncharted. Love what she shared… Continue reading

Reminder to Stand in the Gap

Another story from someone who ordered a personal prophetic 8×10.  It’s so fun to hear these stories coming in much like the scarf stories on Dyed4you.

I am so in love with this piece. I think it’s a perfect representation of the beauty and strength of the power of God’s Word. I think a woman’s true beauty is exposed when she walks in the knowledge of who she is in Christ. Continue reading

Beautiful Confirmation

I’m enjoying reading the testimonies that are coming in from the artwork now that people can simply order a blank size and have me send whatever the Lord says.  With this image, I had created it and asked the Lord what I was to do with it… the order came in the next day 🙂

Omgosh… I got the picture yesterday and I was sooo surprised. It was beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Continue reading

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