Embrace Gratitude – Dyed4you Art

This week’s release was inspired by our Prophetic Nugget collection Songs of Ascent (The Steps). When I saw the number of nuggets in this collection and realized it would extend over two of the Dyed4you Ministries Lunchtime Live livestream broadcasts. I knew one week would be the release of the art piece connected to the Songs of Ascent (The Steps) collection (Refreshing Worship, which is coming next week – and its a beauty), but I asked God what to do the other corresponding day. He immediately highlighted the topic of the nugget that would fall on the other Lunchtime Live – gratitude. As soon as I saw the topic, He began stirring ideas, and Embrace Gratitude was born. I pray it blesses you, and if you’re interested in hearing more I shared about it this past week in Lunchtime Live – Love is Reflected in Love.

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