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Introducing: Promised Kingdom

The last couple week’s we’ve shared about a surprise set of Prophetic “Portraits” we created that included King of All the Earth and Lamb of God. This week we’re releasing their multi-art set: Promised Kingdom. And in conjunction with this release, we’ve added them to our available Dyed4you Art flags in our Etsy store. The Lion and the Lamb is available as a mismatched pair or individually. We hope the art and its word are a blessing to you! Continue reading

Introducing: On His Side

This week’s release is the multi-art collection of the releases from the last two weeks (Introducing: Join Forces & Great Gift Idea and Introducing: Stand with Me). It’s called On His Side [multi-art set] and is part of the Warrior Bride series. As we mentioned in the previous posts, this was part of a surprise set of Prophetic “Portraits”. Additionally a set went to my ministry partner, Larisa, who is featured in the images. Below I’ve shared how she has her pair of 11×14” photographic prints displayed. We pray the art and its word bless you!  Continue reading

Introducing: Currents of His Love [multi-art set]

This week we’re introducing the multi-art word for the two Currents of His Love pieces (that originated as Prophetic “Portraits”) we’ve released the last couple weeks (Introducing: Currents of His Love {Air} and Introducing: Currents of His Love {Water}). We pray that the art set and their word bless you!  Continue reading

Prophetic “Portrait” with a 2nd Surprise

This recipient received a surprise second portrait (which resulted in our first multi-art word). She had ordered a Prophetic “Portrait”  with silk and upsized to a 16×20 as well as ordering a mismatched pair of wings (which ended up being the silks in the other piece). Needless to say, she was blessed and overwhelmed. Continue reading

Introducing: Igniting Hearts and the Zealous Abiders set

Last week, we released a new piece of Scripture Art called Sustained By Him. This week’s release is called Igniting Hearts. It is another Prophetic “Portrait” that later became Scripture Art and became the second half of a set called Zealous Abiders. We loved how this pairing of soaking in Him and passionate purpose came together with a beautiful reminder of how we should walk with Him. We hope you’re encouraged by both the new image as well as the combined set! Continue reading

Introducing: Multi-Art Sets and Blessed Beyond a Curse including the Forever Faithful set

Excited to introduce to you this week both our newest release, Blessed Beyond a Curse, and our first multi-art word, Forever Faithful. Last week we introduced Heir of Promise and shared that it was originally created as a Prophetic “Portrait”. When we went to create the Prophetic “Portrait” we realized there was more than one art piece there. So we birthed a second art piece and word to surprise her with. Continue reading

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