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Dyed4you Art Lion Flags at the Beach

Love this series of pictures that were shared with me this week of several of our Dyed4you Art flags in action. The ladies felt led to visit this spot to do some worship warfare with their Lion of Judah, King of Glory, and Roaring Lion flags. Afterwards, someone came and told them that the day before someone had been there declaring it was the lion’s gate! Regardless of which lion they meant, we know which Lion showed up! God is so good!! 🙌🏻  Continue reading

Introducing: Prodigals Return Home

prodigalsreturnhomeAs I was setting up several week’s worth of Dyed4you Art releases, the Lord put very strongly on my heart to release this piece: Prodigals Return Home. I believe as we kick off this new year, it’s time for us to agree in prayer for our loved ones that have wandered away from the Lord. This piece was inspired by someone I love, and I know most if not all of us have at least one person who heavily burdens your heart. So we just say yes and amen, Father! Bring the prodigals home!  Continue reading

Introducing: Prayer Warrior

Prayer WarriorA week ago, I sat with a prayer warrior friend of mine looking through Dyed4you Art’s collection of prayer and intercession related artwork. Father had put some specific things on her heart that He was speaking to her and as she shared them with me I realized nothing we had fit what He’d shared exactly. So I left pondering the pieces we’d discussed and this image is what the Lord brought forth.

Continue reading

His Voice Thunders

HisVoiceThunders-printcardsThis is a commissioned art piece we created about a year and a half ago. The prophetic message was a collaborative effort with the commissioners, Blair Healing Rooms. The word they received about this piece was “God’s voice thunders” – that kicked off the creation. There were confirmations along the way and when the piece was completed it became a personal favorite!  Continue reading

Introducing: Secret Place

SecretPlace_FBSo excited to introduce to you the newest Dyed4you Art image named Secret Place. Each piece I create effects me differently, and every once and a while I get to create one that just touches me deeply. This is one of those pieces.

I shared this image (but not the word that went with it) with a dear friend of mine who is on our Dyed4you Prophetic team and I was so blessed by what she shared back that I wanted to pass it along so you all could be blessed by it as well. Continue reading

Reminder to Stand in the Gap

Another story from someone who ordered a personal prophetic 8×10.  It’s so fun to hear these stories coming in much like the scarf stories on Dyed4you.

I am so in love with this piece. I think it’s a perfect representation of the beauty and strength of the power of God’s Word. I think a woman’s true beauty is exposed when she walks in the knowledge of who she is in Christ. Continue reading

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