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Introducing: Transformed by the Spirit (Powerful Ministry and Confirmation)

Dyed4you Artโ€™s Transformed by the Spirit

This week’s release, Transformed by the Spirit, was inspired by and is a derivative piece from the Heir of Promise art piece. We knew from its inception we wanted it as a Dyed4you Art flag and it was created with that end in mind, but what a beautiful journey!

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Introducing: Invitation to Love

Invitation to Love (text version)

This week’s release called Invitation to Love was inspired by a class I’ve been taking. As part of the beginning of the class we were challenged to truly accept ourselves with all our perceived flaws. For many this was harder than one might expect. So many of us judge ourselves harshly – often reflecting back to ourselves the judgement we’ve learned from others. But God sees us differently, and He is inviting us into a new place. A place where we choose to love ourselves – and then everything else flows from that place. I welcome you to join on that journey. I pray the art and it’s word bless you!

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Introducing: Embrace Gratitude

Embrace Gratitude – Dyed4you Art

This week’s release was inspired by our Prophetic Nugget collection Songs of Ascent (The Steps). When I saw the number of nuggets in this collection and realized it would extend over two of the Dyed4you Ministries Lunchtime Live livestream broadcasts. I knew one week would be the release of the art piece connected to the Songs of Ascent (The Steps) collection (Refreshing Worship, which is coming next week – and its a beauty), but I asked God what to do the other corresponding day. He immediately highlighted the topic of the nugget that would fall on the other Lunchtime Live – gratitude. As soon as I saw the topic, He began stirring ideas, and Embrace Gratitude was born. I pray it blesses you, and if you’re interested in hearing more I shared about it this past week in Lunchtime Live – Love is Reflected in Love.

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Introducing: Healing Rain

Healing Rain – Dyed4you Art

This week’s release, Healing Rain, has a bit of a fun story to go with it. For several weeks now, God has been talking with me about a Healing Rain Dyed4you Art flag. Since we had an image called Healing Rain (the original one), I was initially confused when I got a check about making it into a flag.

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Introducing: Anointed for War: Armed and Ready

This week’s release is another that was created as a Prophetic “Portrait” inspired by a vision a former Dyed4you team member had and expanded by the vision of a current team member. The Prophetic “Portrait” was commissioned as a gift, and was a blessing when received! It’s name is Anointed for War: Armed and Ready, and we hope the art and its word bless you too!

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Introducing: One Body (Unity in Christ flag)

This week’s release began as a nonproprietary commissioned art piece (and I’m so grateful because it meant I could release it, which I know will be a blessing to all of you). It is called One Body and it is also available as a Dyed4you Art flag called Unity in Christ. The piece was inspired by another artist’s work (see below), which stirred the original idea for the individual who commissioned the piece for a flag (also see below). We’re very sensitive not to counterfeit anyone else’s work, so it wasn’t until after much prayer, dialog on what they were seeking, and God giving us the stirrings of an idea that we took on the commission.  Continue reading

Introducing: Anointed for War: Rallied Warriors

It’s always interesting to me how Papa inspires the different art pieces He downloads to me, and this one was inspired by an empty frame. ๐Ÿ˜† In my last post I shared about the Annorah piece I’d added to my prophetic art collection, and the first frame I got for it turned out to be the wrong size! I got a new one but was left with a lovely frame and nothing to put in it (an artist’s joy). Anointed for War: Rallied Warriors is the piece Papa downloaded when I asked Him to fill the frame. This is the second “Anointed for War” piece (Anointed for War: Knight Light was the first). They have different feels to them visually, but I love both and hope you do too! Oh and BTW I share a picture of the filled frame below ๐Ÿ˜Š  Continue reading

Introducing: Seek the Light

The inspiration for this week’s release, Seek the Light, was our Lunchtime Live a couple weeks back where I was struggling with some grief and depression. Depression has been an ongoing personal struggle (Radio Silence), but during the Lunchtime Live as I shared the rawness of my heart, I found many others were in the same place. Immediately, Papa put on my heart to create a Dyed4you Art piece on this topic and I created it later that same day. I hope the art and its word bless you!  Continue reading

Introducing: Look Ahead

Today’s release is one that has deep meaning for me. Last spring, we introduced a Dyed4you Art piece called Hope and a Future. I shared that the inspiration came from a dear artist friend of mine, Laura. In addition to being an artist, she served as a missionary for many years – much of it in Mozambique with Iris Ministries (Heidi Baker’s ministry). This sweet friend of mine passed on this week. And though I know she is in a far better place now, my heart misses her so. In honor of this precious woman of God, I felt led to create a piece of Dyed4you Art. And the name of this piece is Look Ahead. I hope the art and its word bless you! Continue reading

Introducing: Harvest Light

Today’s release is one that was created less than 48 hours ago. When it was complete a couple of us from the Dyed4you Art team starting getting an immediate download. We still aren’t entirely certain why Papa had such an urgency for this piece, but I’m excited to introduce Harvest Light. Continue reading

Introducing: Time to Soar

This week’s release was inspired by some beautiful portraits I did of Mary B wearing her Emanate Light spin flags which she repurposed as a veil (and it moves and blows amazingly). The new piece called Time to Soar is part of our Soaring series. I pray that the art and its word bless you! Continue reading

Introducing: Harvest Joy

This week’s release is the next in our Scripture Art, it’s called Harvest Joy. It was inspired by a prophetic post someone had shared online along with a wheat field. Immediately, I began “seeing” this piece and then the scripture and word came together in this much needed word of encouragement. I pray the art and its word bless you! Continue reading

Introducing: Mighty Warrior

I’m particularly excited about this week’s release because it is one near and dear my heart. It’s called Mighty Warrior and it happens to feature one of my nephews and the word was birthed as a form of intercession (which has already been bearing much fruit). I know this latest addition to the Warrior series will bless others as well! I hope you are touch by the art and its word. Continue reading

Introducing: Firm Foundation

So excited to introduce this week’s release (which was actually created just this past week). It is called Firm Foundation. For those of you who follow our Dyed4you Art Facebook page, you know we post one of our pieces everyday for discussion. On a day I’d shared our Honored piece, someone felt the image was saying, โ€œThe Word has been since the establishing of the earth and will remain beyond the breaking of its foundations.โ€ Though that wasn’t the meaning Papa had given us for that piece (and we know that He will often speak different things to others which is great), I immediately knew He wanted a piece with that meaning created. Continue reading

Introducing: Hope and a Future

Excited to introduce this new piece of Scripture Art called Hope and a Future. I had begun seeing a new Dyed4you Art image with a pregnant belly. Prompted by an upcoming baby shower for my goddaughter and inspired by a long-time friend and artist Laura, I was immediately reminded of her piece called Surely I Was Always (below). That feel kept stirring unto Hope and a Future came forth (I share the timelapse of its creation below). I hope the art and its word bless you! Continue reading

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