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Prophetic Printcard 10-pk Giveaway

Prophetic Printcard 10-pkWe’re doing a giveaway! It’s been too long since we’ve done a blog giveaway so we’ve got a prophetic printcard 10-pk that we’ll be giving away.  There’s a couple ways to enter. First, comment on any of our blog posts or the images in our gallery. Each comment is an entry to the giveaway – so feel free to comment away 🙂

Continue reading

His Voice Thunders

HisVoiceThunders-printcardsThis is a commissioned art piece we created about a year and a half ago. The prophetic message was a collaborative effort with the commissioners, Blair Healing Rooms. The word they received about this piece was “God’s voice thunders” – that kicked off the creation. There were confirmations along the way and when the piece was completed it became a personal favorite!  Continue reading

Introducing: Love Waits

Purity_FBI’m so pleased to introduce Love Waits – an image representing standing in purity as one waits for their earthy love. Birthing this image was so much fun because it was a collaborative effort with a wonderful woman who was giving printcards of the image away at a conference on purity. Continue reading

What is a Dyed4you Art Gift Set?

GiftSetsWe’ve simplified gift sets!  They come in 3 different size prints and you get to choose from 3 different size silks – so more options, but still simple as small, medium, large. The prints come in 11×14, 8×10, or printcard (5×7) size. The silks are of course Dyed4you originals and come in small (6×24), medium (14×72), or large (35×84). And of course you can always do fun add ons like anointing oil or a pair of magnets 🙂 Continue reading

Encouraging Confirmation

lisa-bI love how Father works! In this art story, we get to hear about how He blessed the person who was used in the image with the image He birthed. He put it on my heart to give printcards of the 3 newest art pieces that used the same model (so far she’s in Make Haste, True Wisdom, Releasing All, and Winter has Passed). Below is the story of how He used Winter has Passed to confirm a word He’d given her – beautiful! Continue reading

What is a Printcard and 35×84 silk Gift Set?

Next in our “what is” series we’re talking about the Printcard with a 35×84 Dyed4you silk gift set. This makes a great gift (either for yourself or someone else!) :) Continue reading

What is a Prophetic Printcard 10-pk?

Next in our “what is” series we’re talking about the Prophetic Printcard 10-pk. This is a great way to share Dyed4you Art with others – the printcards are more than 25% off the regular pricing when you select this set! Continue reading

Printcards on Display

In our “what is” video on the printcard, we talk about folks framing them in frames that are glass on both sides so they can take them down and read the backside when they want to, well this picture someone from the D4Yart Community just shared with me is a PERFECT example of that! Continue reading

What is a Printcard?

This is another video in our “what is” series, this one shows you more about the printcard, which is a 5×7 piece of frame-able art. These are fun easy ways to collect your favorite Dyed4you Art pieces (or to be able to give them away!). It works well for groups too! Continue reading

Locked Garden Display

Love this creative display of our Locked Garden image, which is part of the Beloved series. She has it flanked by two beautiful images by Dan Hardt (in the Wall Art section). Continue reading

Displaying Warrior

I sent a friend (who happens to be an author) a set of printcards from the Warrior and Warrior Bride series. She just shared this picture with the following comment 🙂 Continue reading

Silent Auction

A neat story about a fundraiser that Dyed4you Art and Dyed4you donated some items to – love how God moves even in moments like these 🙂

The young adults ministry Remnant at my church was having a silent auction the first weekend in August. We had it during our church’s annual BBQ & Rib Fest. The money raised was to help us continue outreach to our community, to college campuses here in Columbus, and to help with our website. I knew I wanted to ask Meghan to prayerfully consider a donation, and she was very gracious to do so! Now, admittedly, this silent auction was brought up last minute and left only a little under 2 weeks to “campaign” for donations. Continue reading

North Star Books

North Star Books (a bookstore and coffee shop in Nampa, ID) has the distinct honor to be the first physical location to sell Dyed4you Art 🙂  They’ve made a beautiful display and in the first month they carried Dyed4you Art they outsold the website!  The owners shared this testimonial: Continue reading

Prophetic Mantel

Julie has put together a collection on the mantel in her living room.  She said:

…it makes me smile every time I walk into the living room Continue reading

Confirmation of Word

Ryan received Reclaiming the Heart as a gift and it confirmed a prophetic word he’d received a couple weeks earlier.  Below is a portion of the word:

I also got a picture of a sword. You have been fighting and there are times when you don’t think you can go on but the Lord says to keep going beloved. His hands are going to be around your hands to grasp the sword and keep waring…Victory is the Lords..it is finished! Continue reading

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