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Blog Interview with Friends of the Prophets

I had the privilege of being interviewed on a blog by Jeffrey Reynolds, and wanted to be sure to share it here because it was fun to get to remember and document these aspects of Dyed4you Art history. It’s amazing to me that at the time of this interview, Dyed4you Art has been around for 12 years! Time sure does fly.

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Introducing: Daughter Live

Scripture Art version of Daughter Live by Dyed4you Art

This week’s release began as a nonproprietary commissioned art piece (like the One Body piece we released a few weeks back). It is called Daughter Live, and it was created as a branding piece for a blog (see below with logo). The recipient loved it! And the art and its word so resonated with me that I had it made into mounted art and have it hanging on my wall (see below). I pray it blesses you as well!

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Introducing: Heir of Promise (and a brief testimony)

This week I’m excited to be releasing a new personal favorite (which based on the Facebook feedback so far looks like it’s quickly becoming a crowd favorite too) called Heir of Promise. This was originally created as a Prophetic “Portrait” and there is a neat testimony in the works for that story, but God gifted me a copy of the image (a framed piece of mounted art – see below) when it was complete as well, and the word was an awesome encouragement and confirmation. It gave me fresh insight and revelation and is a reminder I am loving having hanging in my “prayer closet” along with several other encouraging pieces 🙂 Continue reading

Introducing: Fiery Extravagant Love

I confess I feel a connection to this piece that I never have before – it’s because I’m in it. You can’t see me anymore because I’m layered behind the angel and the lion, but in the final image you can still see the tip of the Flaming Throne of God flag I was holding (see below). The name of the piece is Fiery Extravagant LoveContinue reading

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