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Introducing: Closed Doors

closeddoorsClosed Doors is our newest release. It was inspired by an art piece by someone else (see below). This piece was shared with me by one of you, it was being given as a gift to their son-in-law. When Closed Doors was completed, it was a word for him as well and it blessed him very much – they said it was perfect! It’s always interesting to me how He will give us different downloads from specific imagery (like a closed door), but with overlapping elements (like the water). I pray the art and its word bless you as well ūüôā Continue reading

Interconnected Art

img_2052I find it so cool when we get to collaborate prophetically. As we operate in the flow, He moves through each of us and allows the various threads to interconnect and frankly I just find that beautiful!

This is written by a friend who is part of the Dyed4you Art community. She¬†shares about her experiences with our Clothed with Power from on High piece, and an art¬†piece she¬†created that was inspired from it. This¬†was originally a post from a forum in the Quickened Word¬†(You’ll have to sign up to be able to access this post directly), which she tweaked specifically for us. ¬†I hope you’re as blessed by it as I was! Continue reading

Bridal Art on Display 

img_2568.jpgLove this display of bridal art with James Nesbit’s Awaiting the King and Dyed4you Art’s Raining His Love. I enjoy seeing art by many prophetic artists and love even more seeing those images displayed together. James – having been key in launching Dyed4you Art (more about that on our About Us page) – always has a tender place in my heart.  Continue reading

New Art on Display

Munoz and Rylander art on displayI love getting the opportunity to be blessed by other prophetic artists’ ministries by hanging other artists’ work, and I just added four new pieces to my walls. The new ones are by Dolores DeVelde, Amy Rylander, and David Munoz. Other artists I have around the house include James Nesbit, Codye Reystead of Studio 2911, Laura Eubanks of Labor of Love ART, Alison Louise, Ronda Golden of Golden Impressions, Margie Puckett… and that doesn’t even touch my silk art! Which prophetic artists do YOU enjoy? Continue reading

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