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Pairing Dyed4you Art flags and Dyed4you silk

Most of our Dyed4you Art pieces have an image of a Dyed4you silk somewhere in them – sometimes it’s obvious, sometimes it’s hidden, but they’re tucked away in most of them. As such, some people have worked to find creative ways to pair their Dyed4you Art flags with a coordinating Dyed4you silk. This is one fun solution.

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What is a Prophetic “Portrait”?

Very excited to be sharing about this product!  A quick overview of our Prophetic “Portrait” product (and its variations and customizations). In short, when you order our Prophetic “Portrait”, we will create a new digital image (like the ones we have in our gallery) and you will receive an 8×10″ photographic print of it along with a letter containing the word that goes with it.  Continue reading

What is Prophetic Choice?

We’ve been offering the prophetic choice option for six years now with many beautiful testimonies to confirm this was the right way to go! It’s become the default purchasing option. In this video, we give a quick overview of what we mean by it and how it works.  Continue reading

Operating in Love (The Prophetic Voice)

I shared this on my personal blog, but given the nature of what we do here at Dyed4you and  Dyed4you Ministries in general, I felt like this was worth sharing because this is how we strive to operate: in love. We desire to see the Body function in the prophetic in a healthy, biblical way. After having been in a prophetic ministry for over a decade, I have seen how easy it is for it to be used as a weapon and for people to be hurt, disillusioned, and fall away as a result of lack of teaching in the prophetic and people not operating in it in a biblical way.  Continue reading

What is a Dyed4you Art Photographic Print?

A quick overview to help you know what to expect when you order one of our photographic prints. In short, you receive not just the Dyed4you Art image in whichever size you ordered, but also a 5×7 photographic print of the prophetic word that goes with it. That way you can display them together if you want (see below the video for example of folks who have done just that and also note the ones I have behind me in the video including several special order sizes – all you have to do is ask!).  Continue reading

How-to Receive Dyed4you Art/Silk

We like to say that the words you receive from Dyed4you and Dyed4you Art are a portion of a conversation, not a conversation in its entirety. We love to hear that we’re confirming something He’s already shared. Ideally, each of us should hear His voice for ourselves and words from others should mostly confirm and expand things He’s already shared, but regrettably many of us have been taught to doubt our ability to hear Him for ourselves. We rely so strongly on our natural senses that we prefer to hear another person tell us what He’s saying to us because we trust our natural senses more than our spiritual ones. That’s usually because we’ve spent more time cultivating our natural senses while neglecting our spiritual ones (again often because we’ve been taught to do so).  Continue reading

What is a Prophetic Word?

A while back I shared How-To Receive a Prophetic Word, and on our sites we talk about the letters (prophetic words) that come with our silk and art and the fact that they are supposed to be a portion of a conversation with God, not an entire conversation in and of themselves. These prophetic pieces are intended to facilitate conversation with God, add a dimension to interactions that are hopefully already occurring, or begin conversation if none is. Ultimately, relationship with Him is what we all should be working on and trying to strength and deepen.  Continue reading

What is a Prophetic Choice Greeting Card Set?

Prophetic Choice card setWe love the new Prophetic Choice card sets! In addition to the single image card sets that we offer (where you receive 6 cards with the same Dyed4you Art image on the front), we now offer the Prophetic Choice card set, which allows you to receive a mix of our Dyed4you Art images.  You’ll receive a total of 6 cards with 3 or more Dyed4you Art images in the set. This is a great way to have a variety of images on hand to share with a friend. These cards are a great way to bless someone with a touch from Abba 🙂

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What is a Dyed4you Art Gift Set?

GiftSetsWe’ve simplified gift sets!  They come in 3 different size prints and you get to choose from 3 different size silks – so more options, but still simple as small, medium, large. The prints come in 11×14, 8×10, or printcard (5×7) size. The silks are of course Dyed4you originals and come in small (6×24), medium (14×72), or large (35×84). And of course you can always do fun add ons like anointing oil or a pair of magnets 🙂 Continue reading

What are Dyed4you Art Magnets?

WhatIsMagnetsPart of our “What is” series, here’s the info on my newest passion: Dyed4you Art Magnets! These babies come in pairs and look beautiful. A fun way to share or display your favorite Dyed4you Art images 🙂 Continue reading

What is Mounted Art and Canvas Gallery Wraps?

mountedArtIf the idea of framing art feels daunting to you or you like your wall art to have a clean feel, mounted art is a good choice for you.  In this video we show canvas mounted art and standout mounts.  In the first, the art work is printed onto canvas and then put on a high-quality wood frame. In the second, a photograph is mounted on a sturdy yet lightweight board and the edge is wrapped with an attractive black band. In both cases, they come ready to hang. Continue reading

What is Add an Oil?

Next in our “what is” series we’re talking about what is Add an Oil. Dyed4you Art (and Dyed4you) both carry The Scent of Heaven‘s anointing oils, which are AH-MAZING!

When you “add an oil”, we pick one that is thematically connected – find out more in this video 🙂 Continue reading

What is a Printcard and 35×84 silk Gift Set?

Next in our “what is” series we’re talking about the Printcard with a 35×84 Dyed4you silk gift set. This makes a great gift (either for yourself or someone else!) :) Continue reading

What is a 8×10 and 14×72 silk Gift Set?

Next in our “what is” series we’re talking about the 8×10 art with a 14×72 Dyed4you silk gift set. This makes a great gift (either for yourself or someone else!) 🙂 Continue reading

What is a Prophetic Printcard 10-pk?

Next in our “what is” series we’re talking about the Prophetic Printcard 10-pk. This is a great way to share Dyed4you Art with others – the printcards are more than 25% off the regular pricing when you select this set! Continue reading

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