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Blessed by a Card

I often will include a Dyed4you Art card with a note when I ship an order (not always, but as the Lord leads). I always ask Him which card to include when I feel led to do it and typically the card is never mentioned again. I just do it because I feel like He’s told me to. 🙂 Testimonies like this make it so worthwhile! Continue reading

Introducing: Rohi (Our Shepherd)

This week’s release is a sweet one called Rohi (Our Shepherd).  The silk in this image, which is called YHVH Rohi (the LORD my Shepherd), is one that is near and dear to my heart. There’s been some awesome testimonies about it (here’s one testimony) and so I knew I wanted it in a piece of Dyed4you Art. This is what came forth.  I pray that the art and its word bless you! Continue reading

Introducing: Fervent Passion

This is a fun one that embodies that childish exuberance and how that should be our heart’s response to our Savior. It is called Fervent Passion.  This visual of a heart space, radiates with energy and glory! I hope the art and its word bless you! Continue reading

Introducing: Praising YHVH Ga’al (the Lord my Redeemer)

This piece (which I nicknamed “Sunset Praise”) is our newest release in our worship series Unbridled Passion. It is called Praising YHVH Ga’al (the Lord my Redeemer).  I confess I have a particular affinity for the pieces that include the names of God because I feel like each one reveals another nuance of His character / nature. I hope this new piece and its word does that for you!  Continue reading

Introducing: Watchman on the Wall

This week’s release is the newest addition to our Intercession series. It is called Watchman on the Wall. As an intercessor this series is near and dear to my heart and this piece in particular speaks to me. I love the visual reminder that our angelic reinforcements are right there – because they aren’t seen with natural eyes, we tend to forget that the Hosts of Heaven are with us fighting on our side! I pray you’re blessed by this piece and its word as well 🙂  Continue reading

Introducing: He Lifted Me

This week’s release is called He Lifted Me. It is the newest addition to our Inheritance series. I wanted to capture that “caught up” feeling you can get as you are spending time with Him. How He lifts you – raises you up. It’s like you could soar! I pray the art and its word bless you 🙂 Continue reading

Introducing: Hidden Treasures

Introducing a deep beauty called Hidden Treasures. It is the newest release in both our “Painted” series and our Revelation series. Taking its inspiration from the heavens and below the sea, this image is a rich visual feast. We pray both the image and its word are a blessing to you!  Continue reading

Introducing: Emerald Light

Excited to introduce this week’s release: Emerald Light. There’s something about the colors in this one that just speaks to my soul. The silk in this image is called Ascend (it was also used in our Frontline Warriors piece), it is one of my favorite silks and is a beautiful fit for the visuals of Emerald Light. I pray this new piece and its word bless you! Continue reading

Introducing: Painting Sunsets

The latest addition to our “Painted” Series is called Painting Sunsets. It has special meaning for me because it’s something a dear cousin of mine has talked about for years. How when he gets to heaven he wants to “paint sunsets” with Papa. 🙂 I love that imagery and so it inspired this Dyed4you piece. I hope it will bless you (and its word too)! Continue reading

Introducing: Abundant Fruit

Our newest release, Abundant Fruit (an addition to our Song of Solomon series) was originally created as a gift for my Dyed4you Ministry team. You may not realize that I have an amazing group of ladies who support the ministry in prayer as well as help birth the silks and art. I am forever grateful for their gracious support of what Papa is doing through Dyed4you Ministries! Continue reading

Introducing: Soaring in the Spirit

Our newest release in the Soaring series (the first that isn’t a bird/wing-related  in the series if I’m not mistaken too), this piece is called Soaring in the Spirit. Love the idea of being lifted by the “breath” (hot air) of the Spirit to new heights. Love that each is different – displaying their colors proudly – no competition just soaring for the heavens and new heights. Oh that we would follow that lead!  Continue reading

Introducing: Heart Praise

So excited to be “officially” announcing the release of the newest piece in our Worship Warfare series: Heart Praise. This is another one that was birthed (along with a silk) and shared on my personal blog (Art: Heart Praise & Silk: New Song), but this one was unique in that the art was created first and the silk followed.  Continue reading

Prophetic “Portrait”: Burgeoning Life

Since this was our first official Prophetic “Portrait”, it was exciting to get such beautiful feedback. She opted to upsize from the standard 8×10 to an 11×14 gift set with a large silk, and when she found out I was making flags to use in her art, she got those as well (video of them below). 🙂 Continue reading

What is a Prophetic “Portrait”?

Very excited to be sharing about this product!  A quick overview of our Prophetic “Portrait” product (and its variations and customizations). In short, when you order our Prophetic “Portrait”, we will create a new digital image (like the ones we have in our gallery) and you will receive an 8×10″ photographic print of it along with a letter containing the word that goes with it.  Continue reading

Introducing: A Place to Tarry

The inspiration for this image, A Place to Tarry, came as I was using the silk that ended up in the image (Place of Closeness). As I was worshipping with the wing, it was as though God opened this lush place around me – I could almost smell the fragrances and feel the warm breeze – it was amazing. This art was intended to capture the feel and the heart behind what He showed me. I hope it blesses you!  Continue reading

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