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Book Covers & Introducing: Heart for Ayiti

These pieces were inspired from a conversation with my dear friend Gloria Board, author of the book series Learn Haitian Creole. I have had a heart for Haiti for years with a husband who has gone on several missions trips there as well as a close friend being from there – it really isn’t surprising. 🙂 Additionally, Dyed4you Ministries has a Ayiti (Mountainous Land) silk (used in the Heart for Ayiti art) that was inspired by the colors in the Haitian flag. We pray both the art, its word, and the silk are a blessing to you and encourage you to look at Gloria’s book if you are interested in learning Creole. We do have all our Haiti-inspired pieces available in our Dyed4you Readymade store 🙂 Continue reading

Introducing: Anointed Dreams

This newest release, Anointed Dreams, is the next image in our Revelation series. It visually captures that dream-like quality drawing you into the fresh revelation and refreshing He has awaiting you there. We pray the word from this piece blesses and ministers to you! Continue reading

Longer Words & Introducing: Faithful and True

You may have noticed some of the words with our art pieces are getting longer (e.g. last week’s release). Initially, we planned to offer 8×10 versions of the word because we know you guys like framing the word too sometimes, but we’ve realized that still truncates the flow because we’re still limited on space. So we’re simply going to let the words be whatever they are, however long they are. No worries, a 5×7 portion of the word will continue to come with your art! We’ll just note at the bottom if there was more to the prophetic download than was included 😉 Since we post the full words in the gallery on our site, you always have access and are welcome to print them out.  Continue reading

Introducing: Fiery Extravagant Love

I confess I feel a connection to this piece that I never have before – it’s because I’m in it. You can’t see me anymore because I’m layered behind the angel and the lion, but in the final image you can still see the tip of the Flaming Throne of God flag I was holding (see below). The name of the piece is Fiery Extravagant LoveContinue reading

Introducing: Drawing from the Source

Excited to officially release Drawing from the Source, an image that is one near and dear to my heart because it was created based off of a vision my pastor shared during one of the first weeks at my (then) new church home. (The silk is also one I own personally and love: Joy of the Anointing). This image hangs behind my pastor’s desk and is displayed in his wife’s office as well (see below). I pray the art and its word bless you too!  Continue reading

Introducing: God of Wonders

Recently I took some beautiful pictures of a dear friend for use in future Dyed4you Art, and the piece – God of Wonders – was the first. I love this image so much it’s already hanging on my wall (see below) – and you can see Joy Comes in the Morning in the background as well. 🙂 I hope this piece and its word bless you as well, and may you never lose your wonder! Continue reading

Abundant Fruit and Lana Vawser

Anyone who follows our Dyed4you Ministries Facebook page knows that I (Meghan) love when God commingles anointings between ministries. Since a couple of the words Lana Vawser has given are quoted in silk letters, it blessed me when we were contacted by her husband wanting to use our Abundant Fruit image for the header on their ministry website. 🙂 Continue reading

Quiet Tears (Introducing: Make a Sound)

The image we’re releasing today is actually the first of our Prophetic “Portraits” to be officially released, and we’re getting to release it with a testimony from its original recipient. 🙂 We love getting to hear testimonies on all our art but especially from our Prophetic “Portraits”! This one had the image size increased to an 11×14 and it arrived with a small silk added. It’s name is Make a Sound. It’s awesome how Papa God uses the same words to bless and minister to each of us differently. Here’s what the wife of the recipient passed along to us with the picture of how he’d displayed his gift. Continue reading

Introducing: The Guardians

The Guardians is the first Dyed4you Art piece that has an angel in more than simply abstract terms. Though still a silhouette, I wanted to capture something that aligns with the reaction people always have in scripture when they encounter an angel – you always here the angel say, “Do not be afraid.” My hope is that this piece will be a visual reminder that they are with us always. They’ve been assigned to protect and guard as well as minister and fight on our behalf. What a blessing are the hosts of heaven!  Continue reading

Blessed by a Card

I often will include a Dyed4you Art card with a note when I ship an order (not always, but as the Lord leads). I always ask Him which card to include when I feel led to do it and typically the card is never mentioned again. I just do it because I feel like He’s told me to. 🙂 Testimonies like this make it so worthwhile! Continue reading

Introducing: Rohi (Our Shepherd)

This week’s release is a sweet one called Rohi (Our Shepherd).  The silk in this image, which is called YHVH Rohi (the LORD my Shepherd), is one that is near and dear to my heart. There’s been some awesome testimonies about it (here’s one testimony) and so I knew I wanted it in a piece of Dyed4you Art. This is what came forth.  I pray that the art and its word bless you! Continue reading

Introducing: Fervent Passion

This is a fun one that embodies that childish exuberance and how that should be our heart’s response to our Savior. It is called Fervent Passion.  This visual of a heart space, radiates with energy and glory! I hope the art and its word bless you! Continue reading

Introducing: Praising YHVH Ga’al (the Lord my Redeemer)

This piece (which I nicknamed “Sunset Praise”) is our newest release in our worship series Unbridled Passion. It is called Praising YHVH Ga’al (the Lord my Redeemer).  I confess I have a particular affinity for the pieces that include the names of God because I feel like each one reveals another nuance of His character / nature. I hope this new piece and its word does that for you!  Continue reading

Introducing: Watchman on the Wall

This week’s release is the newest addition to our Intercession series. It is called Watchman on the Wall. As an intercessor this series is near and dear to my heart and this piece in particular speaks to me. I love the visual reminder that our angelic reinforcements are right there – because they aren’t seen with natural eyes, we tend to forget that the Hosts of Heaven are with us fighting on our side! I pray you’re blessed by this piece and its word as well 🙂  Continue reading

Introducing: He Lifted Me

This week’s release is called He Lifted Me. It is the newest addition to our Inheritance series. I wanted to capture that “caught up” feeling you can get as you are spending time with Him. How He lifts you – raises you up. It’s like you could soar! I pray the art and its word bless you 🙂 Continue reading

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