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Introducing: Be Still (Beautiful and a Blessing)

Be Still – scripture Dyed4you Art
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Incredible Flags

Michele created a collection of our flags including many from our Names of God series as well as Breakthrough and Fiery King of Glory (including Fiery King / Melek Kabowd) [mismatched pair] as well as a pair of Dyed4you silk bendie shields called Healing flow (the silk featured in our Rapha flag). She shared these thoughts and then later sent a series of videos which we created a shorter testimony compilation for you to enjoy as well. We pray it blesses you!

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Introducing: The Power of His Presence (A Throne Room Encounter) [multi-art set] & Powerful Flags Testimony

Available as mismatched Dyed4you Art flags by request

This week’s release, The Power of His Presence (A Throne Room Encounter) [multi-art set], came together as the result of an impromptu combining of two throne-room-related Dyed4you Art flags: Fiery Glory and River of God, which are based on Throne Room Glory and Rivers of Living Water – the art pieces included in this set. One recipient shared this response to her Throne Room Encounter flags:

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Introducing: Fire and Water & an Encounter with God

Fire and Water Dyed4you Art (available as Dyed4you Art flags)

This week’s release is a multi-art collection called Fire and Water, which includes our Fiery Extravagant Love and River of Life pieces. This set was created for our Fire and Water mismatched pair of Dyed4you Art flags. One of the first recipients shared these comments:

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Introducing: Rivers of Living Water (and two testimonies)

Rivers of Living Water (River of God) by Meghan Williams of Dyed4you Art

Excited to announce this week’s release, Rivers of Living Water, which also happens to be the newest addition to our Dyed4you Art flag line and as a flag it is called River of God. It was originally created as a Prophetic “Portrait” along with a coordinating Crinkle Silk (which she used as a streamer veil) – and the recipient was blessed by it (as well as the other items she received). This is her 5-star review from Etsy:

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Introducing: Apple of His Eye

Apple of His Eye – Dyed4you Art

This week’s release, Apple of His Eye, began as many do – as a Prophetic “Portrait”. We began with one word from Papa – cherished, and it all came together from there resulting in a beautiful love letter to the recipient. She shared, “The picture is amazing! …I will be soaking in this love letter for awhile.” She shares the whole story along with its coordinating silk and Dyed4you flute in our post Soaking in a Love Letter from God. We pray that you are blessed by the art and its word!

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Soaking in a Love Letter from God

Mary (one of our “dye-hard” fans and supporters) felt led to get a Prophetic “Portrait” along with a custom silk charmeuse tallit to coordinate with it. At the same time one of our Dyed4you flutes became available which she added to her order. The message of love Papa sent to her through this combined grouping was beautiful!

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Right Out of Her Journal

This is a fun art story from someone who received an Anointed Songbird card (see our card packs) in the mail with a printed copy of the word that goes with it (read it here). Here’s what she shared:

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Introducing: Throne Room Glory

Throne Room Glory – Dyed4you Art

Excited to introduce this beautiful piece, which began – as many do – as a Prophetic “Portrait”. It is called Throne Room Glory, and it was created in conjunction with a stunning pair of painted bendie wings – and in fact some of the painted portions of the silk are hidden within the art!

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Introducing: Anointed for War: Armed and Ready

This week’s release is another that was created as a Prophetic “Portrait” inspired by a vision a former Dyed4you team member had and expanded by the vision of a current team member. The Prophetic “Portrait” was commissioned as a gift, and was a blessing when received! It’s name is Anointed for War: Armed and Ready, and we hope the art and its word bless you too!

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Introducing: Empowered by Love & a God Wink

Empowered by Love – Dyed4you Art

This week’s release is the next in our Warrior Bride series. It originally began as a Prophetic “Portrait” and is now being released to the gallery. It’s name is Empowered by Love. The recipient (who ordered the Prophetic “Portrait” with a silk and received it at the end of July) shared part of her testimony.

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Introducing: God of Compassion (El Rachum) & a Testimony

Excited to introduce this week’s release: God of Compassion (El Rachum). This piece began as a stirring in my heart that was confirmed when one of our Dyed4you team members shared a prophetic download on tears (Journey of Destiny). As I began sharing the Prophetic Nuggets that went with this piece on the Author Meghan Williams facebook page, one of our long-time friends and part of the Dyed4you Community reached out to say how much they were ministering to her, and so I shared the in-progress version of God of Compassion (El Rachum). She told me immediately she wanted to get it, and wings of the silk that was in it, and she added Hebrew to the silks. Below she shares her testimony, and we hope you are blessed by it and the art and its word.

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An Amazing “Accident”

A while back, I “accidentally” ordered the wrong size printcards of a couple of Dyed4you Art pieces (one of which was Anointed for War: Rallied Warriors). After getting over being frustrated at my mistake and annoyed at having “wasted the money” getting them, God told me He had a purpose for them and to give them away as He directed. So when prompted, I include one when I ship an order. We got to hear about someone else who was blessed by the Anointed for War: Rallied Warriors mini printcard (Beautiful Tallit and Confirming Art), and here is someone else who was blessed by hers. I love how God works in our “mistakes!”  Continue reading

Introducing: Join Forces & Great Gift Idea

This week’s release, Join Forces, is the newest addition to our Warrior Bride series and another image that began as a Prophetic “Portrait”. The recipient gave a 5-star review on Etsy and shared that she felt the Prophetic “Portrait” was a great gift idea. She actually ended up with more than expected because this piece ended up being another surprise multi-art set, so stay tuned for its other half and the multi-art word in the next couple weeks.  In the meantime, we hope you’ll be blessed by this art piece and its word! Continue reading

Introducing: Be Filled with Wonder

Another new release that began as a Prophetic “Portrait” (We’ll be having a bunch more of these in the coming weeks). This piece is called Be Filled with Wonder, and its recipient shared this testimonial, “I just received my order today! It’s so beautiful and timely – thank you so much! God bless you!” We pray the art and its word bless you as well! Continue reading

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