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In His Marvelous Light {Conference Branding}

Note: the conference dates are being pushed back (unfortunately not an uncommon occurrence during this 2020/2021 time period!)

I still remember the urgency of the prompting I had to create this piece called In His Marvelous Light. It was made into Art flags after creation and I kept waiting for the testimony that I knew would come because I understood that pressing from Holy Spirit. And I waited, and I waited.

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Promised Kingdom Featured on Fire and Colour

Promised Kingdom is the fifth Dyed4you Art feature by Fire and Colour shared in a post called Promised Kingdom by Meghan Williams. It’s been such a joy being connected to Fire and Colour and so I was saddened to hear God is drawing this season to a close for her, so this is the last feature. I’ve found so many other anointed prophetic artists, so I encourage you to visit her blog while it’s still there so you can be blessed by them too! Continue reading

Fire and Colour Dyed4you Art feature: Altar of Praise

Altar of Praise is the fourth Dyed4you Art piece featured by Fire and Colour. They share it in a blog post called Altar of Praise by Meghan Williams. It’s been such a joy being connected to Fire and Colour and what God has them doing. I’ve been so blessed to find so many other anointed prophetic artists, and we hope you will be too. 🙂 Continue reading

Fire and Colour Dyed4you Art Feature: The Seeker’s Keys

Our friends at Fire and Colour featured another Dyed4you Art piece last week: The Seeker’s Keys by Meghan Williams The full word for our The Seeker’s Keys piece on its gallery page. This is the third piece of Dyed4you Art they’ve shared and I have enjoyed finding new artists as well. I recently bought Annorah by Candice van der Westhuizen (see below by my Heir of Promise) after she featured it because I fell in love with the flagger (imagine that right? LOL)! See it on my wall below as well as Larisa’s poster of The Seeker’s Keys. 🙂

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Fire and Colour Dyed4you Art Feature: Mighty Warrior

Our friends at Fire and Colour are featuring another Dyed4you Art piece this week: Mighty Warrior by Meghan Williams. The full word for our Mighty Warrior piece can be found in its gallery page. They featured our Floodgates of Heaven piece back in June, and can I just say I have enjoyed not just all the amazing prophetic art they’ve been sharing on their blog, but the stunning layouts she creates to accent each art piece. She has an amazing eye and is a wonderful artist as well. I hope you’ll consider following her blog and being blessed by more of the work she shares 🙂

Fire and Colour Dyed4you Art Feature

Our friends at Fire and Colour (whose color cards we have displayed in our dyeing area which we show on our color page) have changed up the focus on their site to include features about other prophetic artists. And we have the honor of being the first!  Continue reading

Living Colors & Expressions

It’s always fun when we get to see our commissioned art pieces in use. A while back we were commissioned to create a prophetic piece to be used in branding for Living Colors & Expressions. He showed me His light hitting a prism and exploding into color. It was as though the color took flight. When I went to create it, that flight took the form of butterflies. 🙂  Continue reading

DiViNE Purpose Publishing

LaShawn of DiViNE Purpose Publishing found Dyed4you Art via Lana Vawser. We immediately sensed a connection, and LaShawn added me to her team for commissioned prophetic artwork created for her author’s covers. As we began working together, Papa gave me a vision for DPP and the artwork and logo that came forth were beautiful (if I do say so myself). The website was updated with the new look and we created business cards and promo cards to match. Continue reading

Introducing: Joyful Warrior

Excited to introduce the next image in our No Fear series called Joyful Warrior. Like a number of our recent releases, Joyful Warrior was birthed as a Prophetic “Portrait” and we’re now releasing it to the gallery so it can be a blessing to everyone. This image is currently our branding on the Dyed4you Ministries site (see below) and is enough of a favorite it is displayed as a custom magnet on my fridge (see below). We pray that this piece and its word bless you! Continue reading

Abundant Fruit and Lana Vawser

Anyone who follows our Dyed4you Ministries Facebook page knows that I (Meghan) love when God commingles anointings between ministries. Since a couple of the words Lana Vawser has given are quoted in silk letters, it blessed me when we were contacted by her husband wanting to use our Abundant Fruit image for the header on their ministry website. 🙂 Continue reading

Go Live Pure

GoLivePure.comWe had the pleasure of helping GoLivePure.com rebrand. We created a new logo for them as well as an image that captures the feel of their site (which was used as their Facebook page header), which was also sized to be their new website header and worked into their website’s background. We love their new look!  Continue reading

The Scent of Heaven Redesign

After many months of tweaking and refining, we’ve finally launched the new Scent of Heaven website! It’s based off the art piece we’ve shown you before that was created just for them. We think it came out beautifully and hope you do too 🙂 Continue reading

North Star Books site

This site for North Star Books has been a long time in the works, but well worth the wait!  The beautiful warm tones give the same comfortable, inviting feel as the store itself 🙂

You actually may remember seeing the Dyed4you Art display inside the store last fall – and now they carry a selection of Dyed4you scarves as well! Continue reading

Studio 2911

I was blessed enough to get to assist a fellow prophetic artist in designing the theme for her new website. Codye of Studio 2911 Ministries paints beautiful prophetic art during worship at conferences. Continue reading

Where is the US in Bible Prophecy?

This powerful little book was written by the husband of Carol (the Scent of Heaven). It is a fascinating read – definitely gave me plenty to think about!  It’s available for purchase online. Or look inside the book on amazon 🙂 Continue reading

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