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Introducing: God of Compassion (El Rachum) & a Testimony

Excited to introduce this week’s release: God of Compassion (El Rachum). This piece began as a stirring in my heart that was confirmed when one of our Dyed4you team members shared a prophetic download on tears (Journey of Destiny). As I began sharing the Prophetic Nuggets that went with this piece on the Author Meghan Williams facebook page, one of our long-time friends and part of the Dyed4you Community reached out to say how much they were ministering to her, and so I shared the in-progress version of God of Compassion (El Rachum). She told me immediately she wanted to get it, and wings of the silk that was in it, and she added Hebrew to the silks. Below she shares her testimony, and we hope you are blessed by it and the art and its word.

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Introducing: Song of the Redeemed

Song of the Redeemed

This piece called Song of the Redeemed was inspired by a fabulous shoot I did of a dear friend¬†(sample pic below). She’s a gifted musician and it was awesome getting to create (shoot) as she played. I have no doubt there will be at least one more from this series that will end up in an art piece! As a note, the Dyed4you Art community on FB helped birth the word for this piece – it’s such a joy collaborating prophetically. I hope the art and its word bless you ūüôā¬† Continue reading

Interconnected Art

img_2052I find it so cool when we get to collaborate prophetically. As we operate in the flow, He moves through each of us and allows the various threads to interconnect and frankly I just find that beautiful!

This is written by a friend who is part of the Dyed4you Art community. She¬†shares about her experiences with our Clothed with Power from on High piece, and an art¬†piece she¬†created that was inspired from it. This¬†was originally a post from a forum in the Quickened Word¬†(You’ll have to sign up to be able to access this post directly), which she tweaked specifically for us. ¬†I hope you’re as blessed by it as I was! Continue reading

Introducing: Living Water

Living WaterLiving Water¬†was created base on a prophetic word one of you received. For those of you who aren’t following Dyed4you Art’s Facebook page, you’re missing out! Not only do we post new art pieces and let you guys contribute to the word, but we also periodically ask what images you’d like to see and then create them as we feel led. This was one of those pieces. It’s based off a word one of you received and essentially it expands that word by building on it – prophetic collaboration. I love how Father¬†enjoys have us working together in unity! Additionally, the word was birthed with the help of the Dyed4you Art community. Beautiful! I hope you’re blessed by it. Continue reading

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