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Introducing: Forever Bloom (& Comfort and Honor Testimony)

This week’s release is a poignant one because its a Prophetic “Portrait” that was created in honor of a celebration of life for a dear friend’s niece who passed on (it was displayed with its word and printcards were available for people to take with them). It’s name is Forever Bloom. We recently also shared another testimony about this piece from someone else who received a printcard – Beautiful Tallit and Confirming Art. We hope the art and its word bless you! Continue reading

Introducing: Peace like a River

peace like a riverThis image (Peace like a River) inspired the newest grouping: The Peace series (which Double Rest was added to). This image is connected to The Scent of Heaven’s Shalom anointing oil. Below is an image of this print and its word hanging over a dear friend’s infant’s bed (along with a Dyed4you silk called Promises of God). The word she was given was “shalom” (Hebrew for peace) and this is what Father had for her. 🙂 We pray it blesses you too!  Continue reading

Introducing: Healing Rain

HealingRain_FBThis is a piece I’ve had stirring in my spirit for a while. We have a Dyed4you silk named Healing Rain, and there is a Scent of Heaven anointing oil called Healing Rain; so I’ve been waiting for Father to bring forth a Dyed4you Art piece called Healing Rain and now He has.

We know so many are pressing in for healing in many areas, we love coming into agreement with those prayers! God truly is Yahweh Rapha (the LORD our Healer). Continue reading

The Creator’s Essence

Creators EssenceSome of you may already be familiar with our sister ministry, the Scent of Heaven. They create the loveliest anointing oils. Each oil is prophetically blended and has beautiful meaning and revelation. In early 2014, Carol (the founder of Scent of Heaven and the hands behind it) released a book called the Creator’s Essence that shares the prophetic revelations behind many of the oils. The book can be used as a devotional or simply as a peek into the prophetic process. Continue reading

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