Season of Rededication reminds us that God is raising up His leadership in order to turn people back to His covenant. It is not too late for our nation. Let the sound of your prayers arise and hope in your hearts be rekindled and may light break forth like never before.

  • Isaiah 60:1-3 (Voice) Arise, shine, for your light has broken through! The Eternal One’s brilliance has dawned upon you. See truly; look carefully – darkness blankets the earth; people all over are cloaked in darkness. But God will rise and shine on you; the Eternal’s bright glory will shine on you, a light for all to see. Nations north and south, peoples east and west, will be drawn to your light, will find purpose and direction by your light. In the radiance of your rising, you will enlighten the leaders of nations.
  • Genesis 9:16-17 (VOICE) When that rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember this eternal covenant I have made with all living creatures. Look for the rainbow, and remember My promise. With it I sign the covenant I have made between Me and all the living creatures residing on the earth.
  • Daniel 12:3 (NKJV) Those who are wise shall shine Like the brightness of the firmament, And those who turn many to righteousness Like the stars forever and ever.

It is a time to look up and remember, America. For the LORD says, He is looking and remembers His covenant as well. He hears the cries of His intercessors over the darkness in your land. Some cry out for “judgment” unable to bear the gross darkness and injustice they see. Others cry out for “mercy” for they grieve over the souls whose innocence and chance at abundant life was stolen early in their youth. Both judgment and mercy are necessary elements to bringing America back into covenant with the Most High and back into alignment with His Word. No matter what happens, remember that God is a just judge and good Father; He never forgets His covenant. Like Noah, there is always a remnant of faithful ones to that act as His preservation force. Even in times of chastisement, watch for God’s mercy to arise and shine all the brighter. When unrighteous choices bring forth a harvest of painful consequences, cry out—for God has prepared in advance comfort for those who repent. And when the darkness seems all encompassing, seek His face—for God has already set those in your midst who have been prepared beforehand to shepherd you back towards the Light.

{hearing} The enemy thought to eclipse you and your nation, but God said, “Not so!” And instead a new day will dawn, bringing the Son shine on the USA. Some will run and hide their faces, but many will turn and face the Son, receiving His warm embrace.

A portion of a word called “2018: A Brand New Day of Leadership- Healing the Nations” by Bill Lackie from Frontline International is connected to this.

Leadership, by basic definition, means someone who will take responsibility for themselves, their vision and others whom God gives them. The Scripture says that without vision the people will perish (Prov. 29:18). “Without vision” in the original language means, “A people who are unrestrained.” So to be without vision means that you will walk around aimlessly with no direction, boundaries or restraint. Walking in leadership requires each leader to take responsibility for their process and how it affects others.

The United States of America has just begun the Biblical process of tearing down the altars of Baal. A fresh wind of the Holy Spirit is moving throughout the US, tearing down the altars of Baal to ignite the flame of revival. The mercy of the Lord…the eyes of the Lord…have turned to the US seeking true repentance. The roots of this darkness began with Madalyn Murray O’Hair…the author of atheism in the 60s. This darkness has grown like a snow ball of sin with the birthing of doubt and the growth of Anti-Christ darkness.

The heart cry of the Lord is for this nation to turn back to Him. He is the Founder and Deliverer of the colonists of America. Repentance means turning away from darkness and turning your face toward Him. This transition is simple and childlike. Humility is the key releasing the present day LIFE of the Lord!

America will become a leader of nations. The shadow of darkness that has overcome America is being shattered and the light of salvation and deliverance is coming to America. Along with overcoming power, humility will be the portion of joy that will transition the faith and strategy to establish the generational blessing of the Kingdom of Heaven through 5 generations. Godly leadership will take a shape that will attract using the Father’s and Mother’s heart of God. “This leadership is a fulfillment of the Scripture that I will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the heart of the children to their fathers.”

During this season, the United States will emerge as a leader of nations. As the glory of the Lord shines in this nation, there will be an expansion of the impact of the United States lighting the way to lead. These nations are crying out for a path to follow and the Lord will use the United States to light the way. Where despair and confusion has been their portion, the light of the Lord is coming to establish and open the door of transition.

Pray for the nations to turn their eyes during this season of encounter to deliver them from bondages of darkness. Follow the encounter of this season!

A message from Derek Prince called “Watchmen, What of the Night?” is connected to this (this is a portion of the transcript).

…no matter what the devil does, the Lord has the last word…. And then I got this revelation, I said, Egypt had its magicians, God has His Moses. Baal had his prophets, God had His Elijah. And then I quoted this scripture in Genesis 15:5. And I had never thought about it before. “God took Abraham outside on a dark night and said, ‘Look now toward heaven and count the stars if you are able to number them.’ And He said to him, ‘So, shall your descendants be.’” Now, in Galatians 3:29, Paul says through faith in Jesus, the seed of Abraham, we are descendants of Abraham. And the picture there is a situation in which there is no other source of light. The sun is not shining. The moon is not shining. It’s a velvet dark night. But the stars are there. And the greater the darkness, the brighter the stars, you see? And that’s what we’re supposed to be. As the darkness gets deeper, we should shine brighter against the darkness. And so, I got to this point where I said, that’s the way it’s going to be at the end of the age. When all the other lights go out, the descendants of Abraham, the believers in Jesus the Messiah, are going to shine brighter than they’ve ever shone before.

A portion of an article from Dutch Sheets of Dutch Sheets Ministries called “A Nation’s Re-anointing” is connected to this.

“I recently dreamed that a general called and asked if he could come to come for a visit. When he arrived, he told me that the United States was about to receive a shipment of 1000 tankers of ancient Israeli olive oil. In the dream, the general said, ‘The Jewish people have been praying over this oil for a thousand years!’ As the dream continued, the general signed an order for kingdom believers to re-anoint the United States for a New Era. He then asked me, ‘Do you think you can get some crop dusters together to help distribute the oil?’ I answered that I could. Because of my family previously owning a crop dusting business, I knew where to go. ‘You get the crop dusters together, and we will give you all the oil you need to spray the entire United States!’ the general said. I became excited and awoke knowing that fresh oil is about to be released upon America! I quickly realized there was great significance to this dream and heard, ‘This is the ancient oil coming from Israel that has been saturated with the prayers of God’s covenant people.’ I understood that this dream also spoke of national security since prayer oil was to be released over the nation. The dream assured me that the answer is on its way!” (A Pastor in Mississippi)

“He also poured some of the anointing oil on Aaron’s head and anointed him to set him apart for his holy duties.” (Leviticus 8:12; GWT)

{our prayer}

Father, thank You for Season of Rededication, and for freely offering us this time, this season to return to Your embrace. May we each hear and obey the Spirit’s wooing. And in embracing You, You bring forth Your Kingdom in us, our families, and our nation.