Be Still – scripture Dyed4you Art

Introducing a new favorite that began as a Prophetic “Portrait” – it’s called Be Still. The Prophetic “Portrait” recipient described it as “Absolutely beautiful and spot on!” We love to know Papa is touching people through our work!

Absolutely beautiful and spot on! Brought me to tears. Thank you so very much! - Lori
Feedback from the Prophetic “Portrait” recipient in her 5-star review on Etsy

Someone else who was with a gifted magnet of Be Still was so in love with it she commissioned a custom version with the poem from the beginning of the word on it, and she too was blessed with it. The picture below shares it on display along with the 3 pieces of mounted art she has gracing her walls.

We hope this art piece and its word are a blessing to you too!

Read the full word for Be Still