The Power of His Presence (A Throne Room Encounter) [multi-art set] – Dyed4you Art

The name of this collection is The Power of His Presence (A Throne Room Encounter). It is comprised of a combination of Dyed4you Art images, the words of which are shared below as well as the download He shared concerning their combined meaning. The images included in this collection are:

  • Throne Room Glory
  • Rivers of Living Water

The scriptures that go with this collection (or multi-art set) are:

  • Revelation 4:1 (TPT) …I saw a heavenly portal open before me, and the same trumpet-voice I heard speaking with me at the beginning broke the silence and said, “Ascend into this realm!…
  • Revelation 4:5,10-11 (TPT) And pulsing from the throne were blinding flashes of lightning, crashes of thunder, and voices. And burning before the throne are seven blazing torches, which represent the Seven Spirits of God. …and they worshiped the one who lives forever and ever. And they surrendered their crowns before the throne, singing: “You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory, honor, and power, for you created all things, and by your plan they were created and exist.”
  • Revelation 22:1 (TPT) Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, flowing with water clear as crystal, continuously pouring out from the throne of God and of the Lamb.

A Prophetic Nugget from “Daily Downloads from Heaven” by Meghan Williams is connected to this. It’s called “Come In.

Revelation 4:1 (TLB)Then as I looked, I saw a door standing open in heaven, and the same voice I had heard before, which sounded like a mighty trumpet blast, spoke to me and said, “Come up here…

Beloved, come in and come up higher – you are welcome here. I’m beckoning you in – the heavenly realm awaits. Close your eyes and open your heart. Feel My presence and the rush of life around you. I AM moving – I AM at work. Come and see, beloved. Come and see.

Welcome to My throne room. Be refreshed in the crystal waters as you burn with fiery passion – all to My glory. My presence is thick here. Feel Me. Be present with Me. Step in, beloved. Come in and come up higher – you are welcome here.

A prophetic download from Meghan Williams of Dyed4you Ministries is connected to this. It’s called “The Glory of the Throne Room and the Value of His Presence.”

The glory of the throne room exists outside of space and time, beloved. The door in the spirit realm stands open – waiting, an invitation for you to step in. Immerse yourself in My presence. Saturate yourself in My glory. 

Value Me – value My presence – as the greatest gift imaginable. Just as I have held nothing back in My pursuit of you, hold nothing back in your pursuit of Me. Value Me as the rarest of gems and sacrifice all to have Me. I AM worth the cost. 

{Vision} seeing a gem in the hand of the Lord. It is brilliant and appears to be glowing from within it’s so radiant. He is turning it in His hand and appreciating its beauty from every angle. 

Father is saying you are inherently valuable, but the radiance comes as a reflection of Him – Him in you. Like the glow-in-the-dark stars you can stick on your ceiling, which require time in the light to glow and remain dull and lifeless if they don’t soak in the light, so you must take the time to be saturated in His presence that your countenance may glow like Moses’ did when he spent time face-to-face with God. 

And just as the Lord is holding you and looking at you from every angle and appreciating each facet, so you must not assume because you’ve gained a certain understanding of God that you “know” Him. There is always more to know – new facets to explore. Take the time and expend the effort. He is worth it! Search Him out, for He desires to be known.

Matthew 13:45-46 (VOICE) Or the kingdom of heaven is like a jeweler on the lookout for the finest pearls. When he found a pearl more beautiful and valuable than any jewel he had ever seen, the jeweler sold all he had and bought that pearl, his pearl of great price.

Exodus 34:29 (VOICE) When Moses went back down Mount Sinai, he carried the two stone tablets in his hands as a witness to their agreement. But he did not realize that the skin on his face was glowing and radiant because he had been speaking with God.

A prophetic download from Becky Eddy is connected to this. It’s called “Experience the Throne Room.”

Beloved, look toward the heavens and hear the distant rumble of thunder. Be drawn toward the ever-increasing rolling rumble, punctuated by the staccato of lightning flashes. The thunder is like the surrounding voice of many waters, sounding as deep as the sea and coming from everywhere all at once. 

{Hearing} Be ushered into My presence where you witness the most glorious of scenes: My throne room, full of light and glory, full of magnificence, overflowing with sound and activity. Be swept into My presence and fall before Me under the weight of My glory. The thunder grows and erupts into a loud crescendo as the heavenly creatures circle My throne, continually crying, “Holy, holy, holy, Lord God, the Almighty, who was, who is, and who is coming.” Join your voice with the four living creatures giving thanks, adoration, and praise, while the 24 elders bow face down in worship to Me, overwhelmed by the glory of My presence. What a magnificent sight unfolds before your eyes: whenever the creatures give glory, honor, and thanks to the One seated on the throne, the One who lives forever and ever, the 24 elders who are seated on 24 thrones around My throne, fall down before Me in heavenly worship. They cast their crowns before Me and cry, “Our Lord and God, You are worthy to receive glory and honor and power, because You have created all things and because of You will they exist and were created.”

I invite you to let your heart and your spirit soar to this new height. Lift your voice in unbridled praise and worship of the One who sits on the throne, the One who loves you with an everlasting love, the One who never ends! Let your heart be set ablaze with fresh adoration and praise of Me. Even as I provided fire from heaven for the altar of sacrifices in days of old, I have provided the fire in your heart that kindles your first love for Me. 

I charged Aaron, the Levite priest, to keep the fire on the altar burning and never let it go out. He was to get up daily and add wood to the fire that I had first provided. He tended to it first thing in the morning, making sure the fresh wood was added and the fire stoked so it would not go out. Daily he spent time in My presence tending My fire. The fire I provided on the altar was not made by man, but came directly from Me. It is a type and shadow of the invitation that awaits you daily—to come and tend the fire of your love for me. It speaks of relationship: I provided that first fire of pure love to your heart, just as I provided the holy fire for the altar with Aaron. 

Beloved, come and spend time with Me. Experience My very tangible fire of love for you as you come daily into My presence. It is not an invitation to partake of lifeless form and legality, but rather an invitation to immerse yourself in Me and the true life of the spirit I offer you. These lapping tongues of fire are to freshly burn in you.  It is a blessing to you and not a drudgery. It is not a heavy legal obligation, but it is a joy and the source of freshly flowing life for you. 

This time spent with Me is not only revitalizing, refreshing, and essential to your well being, but you will learn My heart for you in ways that cannot be duplicated through any other means. I am wholly for you and love to spend time with you, My beloved. Don’t hesitate to come before Me. I know and love everything about you. There is nothing in your past, present, or future that I am not aware of. I long to spend time with you and share My heart with you. There is no shame in My presence, only My great depth of love for you that burns within Me. Come and stoke the fire I first set ablaze for you and in you. 

Leviticus 6:13 (AMP) — The fire shall be burning continually on the altar; it shall not [be allowed] to go out. 

Isaiah 6:1 (AMP) — In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw [in a vision] the Lord sitting on a throne, high and exalted, with the train of His royal robe filling [the most holy part of the] temple. 

Revelation 4:1,2 (TPT) — Then suddenly, after I wrote down these messages, I saw a heavenly portal open before me, and the same trumpet-voice I heard speaking with me at the beginning broke the silence and said, “Ascend into this realm! I want to reveal to you what must happen after this.” Instantly I was taken into the spirit realm, and behold—I saw a heavenly throne set in place and someone seated upon it. 

A prophetic download from Becky Eddy is connected to this. It’s called “Only God’s Fire.

In scripture, God clearly lays out the detailed instructions to be followed in the ways of worship, offerings and sacrifices for Aaron the High Priest. Sacrifices and offerings were consumed by that holy fire. This pure and holy fire was to be the only source of acceptable fire before Him. 

He charged the priests to never let the fire on the altar go out. His desire was to have constant and intentional worship. They were to be diligent in tending to the fire, stirring it up and adding wood to the flames every morning and leaving the sacrifice in the hearth on the altar all night (Leviticus 6:9).

And Aaron was to teach his four sons all that he had been instructed, including preparation of themselves to go before the Lord, preparation of the sacrifices and offerings, as well as the importance of keeping the original fire continually burning on the altar, never letting it go out. His sons knew what the Lord had required in regard to sacrifices and offerings and how to carry out these deliberate and extensive instructions. 

But two of Aaron’s sons, Adab and Abihu, didn’t rely on stirring up and tending the fire that had been entrusted to them. Instead, they brought “strange fire” before the Lord, which was so displeasing to Him that His holy fire consumed them instead. Though the severity of God’s actions in consuming these men with His holy fire seems quite shocking to us in the natural, we see it again as David was trying to take the ark of the covenant to Jerusalem. 

Again, God had given specific instructions on how the ark was to be carried. It was to have poles that were to be put through the rings on the sides of the ark. The poles and rings were provisions by a holy God to carry the ark without touching it. However, sometime later the Philistines stole the ark and transported it with a cart pulled by oxen. That was the Philistine way to move it, not God’s way. 

Several years after the Philistines have returned the ark, David longs to have the ark of God’s presence with Him. Though David builds a new cart rather than using the Philistine cart, he does not use the poles through the rings on the sides of the ark to move it. The oxen nearly overturn the cart at the threshing floor of Chidon, and Uzza reaches out to hold and steady the ark. God immediately strikes Uzza down and he dies for touching the ark. David becomes angry with God for striking Uzza.

Just as David became angry with God for striking Uzza down, in our flesh we can question God’s reaction, but we know He is holy and righteous and good. We see how Aaron’s sons’ arrogance and presumption failed them. We see how moving the ark in the Philistine way of a cart pulled by oxen (which seems practical to us) is not how God had intended His ark to be transported. God had made provision for His way in the design of the ark, and all they had to do were to follow His instructions and use what He had intended and provided. 

We see in scripture how deeply God felt about something holy being treated as commonplace or something to be tampered with. And we must learn from these stories to be diligent and obedient, to be reverent and intentional – not from a place of legalism or in an attempt to earn God’s favor, but rather simply from a place of love. And because of that love, choose to know God’s heart and how your worship might best bless Him. For though there is grace in the learning, how much better to do that which is pleasing to Him in the first place. 

So be intentional to know Him. Intentional in pursuing holiness. Intentional in your love. And give all honor and glory to Him as is His due. 

{Hearing} Beloved, reach out and stir up the fire I put in you. Let My fire burn in you continually and never go out. My fire accomplishes what I have set it to do: it lights up the night, illuminates truth, burns away the dross in your life, warms hearts, draws people out of darkness, creates sparks that catch and blaze! Walk in My acceptable fire. My fire is so much more than anything you could make on your own.

Leviticus 6:13 (AMP) The fire shall be burning continually on the altar; it shall not [be allowed] to go out. 

Leviticus 10:1-3 (AMP) Now Nadab and Abihu, the son’s of Aaron, took their respective [ceremonial] censers, put fire in them, placed incense on it and offered strange (unauthorized, unacceptable) fire before the Lord, an act which He had not commanded them to do. And fire came out from the presence of the Lord and devoured them, and they died before the Lord. Then Moses said to Aaron, “ This is what the Lord said: ‘I will be treated as holy by those who approach Me, And before all the people I will be honored.’ “

Exodus 25:13-15 (AMP) You shall make [carrying] poles of acacia wood and overlay them with gold, and put the poles through the rings on the sides of the ark, by which to carry it. The poles shall remain in the rings of the ark; they shall not be removed from it [so that the ark itself need not be touched].

1 Samuel 6:8 (AMP) Then take the ark of the Lord and put it on the cart; and put the articles of gold which you are returning to Him as a guilt offering in a box beside it. Then send it away [without a driver]. 

1 Chronicles 13: 7; 9,10 (AMP)  They carries the ark of God in a new cart and brought it out of the house of Abindab, and Uzza and Ahio drove the cart. When they came to the threshing floor of Chidon, Uzza put out his hand to hold and steady the ark, for the oxen [that were drawing the cart] nearly overturned it. The anger of the Lord burned against Uzza, and He struck him down because he touched the ark; and there he died before God. 

A Prophetic Nugget from “Daily Downloads from Heaven” by Meghan Williams is connected to this. It’s called “Holy Obsession.”

Psalm 63:8 (TPT) With passion I pursue and cling to you. Because I feel your grip on my life, I keep my soul close to your heart.

Beloved, pursue Me as I pursue you – fervently and with your whole heart. Just as your lungs cry out for air when deprived of it, so your soul cries out for Me. So breath Me in deeply, beloved. I AM here and I AM rich with love for you – ready to saturate your senses and overwhelm you in the sweetest of ways. 

Remember, beloved, that your choices and actions clearly indicate your focus. Choose wisely and with intention. Make Me your holy obsession. I AM worthy of your all, and I lavish My love upon those who choose Me. 

A prophetic download from Becky Eddy is connected to this. It’s called “The Power of His Voice.”

His transcendent majesty and power is beyond comprehension. We celebrate His creative power: that at His spoken word, the galaxies, planets and stars were launched into being – that all of His teeming creation rushes to respond to the sound of His voice. His voice speaks life, truth, wisdom, instruction and creativity. Who else displays such power and magnificence? 

His mighty voice, whether heard in the loud reverberation of a thunderous roar or echoes in the quiet sound of a whisper, carries His full power. Not a single word He utters ever comes back void; it always goes forth, overflowing with His power, establishing and releasing whatever He has spoken.

“Lazarus, come forth!” He speaks and life blazes forth! By His very breath, all life was and is ignited! He reigns supreme over all things, unequaled by any other. The full reality of His unequaled power and grandeur is not diminished or made any less by our inability to completely grasp the scope of His power and truth. He stands as the All Powerful God, the one who loves you deeply. 

He has given you a voice to speak with His authority, given to you as His beloved child and creation. At times this voice whispers quietly into the deep recesses of your heart, bringing new revelation and joy of who He is as Father, and who you are in Him as His most precious child. He knows you through and through, and loves every inch of you! 

This voice of His you carry is grounded in Him and speaks the flow of His heart for yourself and others. He desires to bring life and growth. He lavishes His love on you through your heart and spirit.  Respond, growing in Him, becoming more like Him. Share the words of life He gives you for others and don’t hold back. Bring the Life Spring of truth and freedom to them. He speaks and all creation responds. Let the voice He gives you plant life in the hearer. 

His voice thunders over all of the inner voices you hear of your fears, doubts and insecurities. Tune into His voice for you; it carries His heart and deep love for you. His voice brings life and liberty.  Let His voice rise above the turmoil and squalor of those small, negative voices that seek to distract, sidetrack, and destroy you. Hone in on His words of truth to you; laser-like, they will strip (burn) away all that is not Him. 

You are His child of destiny; filled with His presence, His heart and His power. Walk in it! Embrace all of that truth. His voice, powerful and majestic, roars forth, clearing debris of lies and entanglements from who you are, freeing you to walk into the fullness of who He has designed you to become. His voice thunders, so roar with Him. Speak what He speaks. Bring life. Speak life over yourself and others with the authority He has given you. Don’t shrink back, but RISE UP. His voice thunders – mighty and powerful, and all of creation responds. 

A prophetic download by Meghan Williams from is connected to this. It’s called “Word of Wisdom – Simply Pour.

The Lord is saying that He has planted in you the gift of wisdom. Receive His gift and allow it to flow freely. Like a cork being pulled from a bottle, you’ve been released to flow in increased measure. So pour out, beloved. Pour out in humble obedience. Resist the urge to feel self-conscious, instead choose to focus on the One who has bestowed that which you pour. 

There is no arrogance in sharing that which you’ve been given. Nor should it cause you to puff up, for its origin is not of you, but rather of the One who made you. So simply pour – the fresh flow of heaven’s revelation, rich and sweet. And like a fine wine, that which you share will satisfy – for it comes from His cup, which has overflowed into His willing vessel who now shares it freely: you.

1 Corinthians 12:7-8 (TPT) Each believer is given continuous revelation by the Holy Spirit to benefit not just himself but all. For example: The Spirit gives to one the gift of the word of wisdom. To another, the same Spirit gives the gift of the word of revelation knowledge.

A final Prophetic Nugget from “Daily Downloads from Heaven” by Meghan Williams is connected to this. It’s called “Rainbow Waters (Seven Spirits of God).”

Isaiah 44:3 (NKJV) For I will pour water on him who is thirsty, And floods on the dry ground; I will pour My Spirit on your descendants, And My blessing on your offspring;

Beloved, thirst for Me, for I will not leave you parched. I delight to saturate you with My Spirit – to flood you to overflowing that you might bless others in the overflow. Pour out without reserve knowing I AM faithful to pour in. Allow My Holy Spirit to bring forth abundant life, with beauty blooming forth even in the desert and the dry season.

For I give the only water that truly satisfies. Seek Me, beloved. Yield to My Spirit. Allow each facet to manifest in splendor in your life: My Spirit, Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Might, Knowledge, and a reverential fear of Me. Flow in each glorious stream, and let the rainbow waters flow in and through you bring glory and honor to Me.

Isaiah 44:3-4 (VOICE) Like a devoted gardener, I will pour sweet water on parched land, streams on hard-packed ground; I will pour My spirit on your children and grandchildren— and let My blessing flow to your descendants. And they will sprout among the grasses, grow vibrant and tall like the willow trees lining a riverbank.

The full words connected with the art pieces included in this multi-art set can be found at the following links:

Featuring Fiery Glory and River of God