Mary (one of our “dye-hard” fans and supporters) felt led to get a Prophetic “Portrait” along with a custom silk charmeuse tallit to coordinate with it. At the same time one of our Dyed4you flutes became available which she added to her order. The message of love Papa sent to her through this combined grouping was beautiful!

Below are some excerpts from what she shared after receiving them.

The picture is amazing! The whole portrait is intense…you must feel so excited about releasing it… The flute is exquisite and has a beautiful song.  Well done sister in every way.

I really am enjoying all these beauties! I love the weight of this prayer shawl, and I love the colors – greens are my favorite. I am really really happy with the colors! The prophetic portrait is amazing! I just keep taking in more and more of the detail of it, I am trying to process it. 

I will be soaking in this love letter for awhile.

It is all about being “love” not doing “love” and letting “LOVE” define what love truly is.  Laying down our lives for Him is laying down our lives for others.  A “daughter” of the King, embraces the heavenly responsibility to “be LOVE” as an ambassador of the Kingdom of Love.  

Then more about the silk.

I am in love! …It makes me feel happy…I think it is the prayer shawl that is from my heavenly Bridegroom…