Join Forces reminds us to intentionally align ourselves with the Lord. The only path to victory is with the Victorious One, so we must join forces with Him.

  • Mark 3:17 (TPT) And he gave the brothers, Jacob and John, the sons of Zebedee, the nickname Benay-Regah, which means “passionate sons.”
  • Mark 3:17 (NIV) James son of Zebedee and his brother John (to them he gave the name Boanerges, which means “sons of thunder”)

A prophetic download from Naudia Willbroad is connected to this. It’s called “Powerful Love.”

A powerful love that cuts through the darkness. Nothing can stand against it. Our God reigns in our hearts and minds. No thought, mindset, disease or curse can stand against the weapon of God’s love. His spirit of Truth will demolish every stronghold. He will not let anything stand against His authority, His power, His kingdom’s reign. We are commissioned to stand with Him, arrayed in His power and authority to dispatch all darkness and bring His great light. 

Do not falter Beloved. Do not delay. My coming is swift and sure. I will not delay. I do not deceive. I am with you, mighty in battle, in the thick of the fray. I do not delay nor do I hurry to do another’s bidding. My timing is My own. I know what you need. Do not worry or fret. Stand in My peace. Array yourself in My righteousness and truth. Dwell in the knowledge of My saving power. Do not be deceived nor be dismayed. I come. I Am here. I Am the Deliverer. I shelter you and cover you in the storm. I am with you Beloved. Stand with Me and join Me in what I do.

A Prophetic Nugget from Daily Downloads from Heaven by Meghan Williams is connected to this. It’s called “A Time to Fight.”

Isaiah 27:1 (VOICE) On that day, the Eternal One will unsheathe His sword—fierce, great, and strong—and punish the monster of chaos and terror, Leviathan the fleeing serpent. He will strike Leviathan, the twisting serpent, and slay the dragon of the sea.

Beloved, there is a time to fight, and in that time I will move decisively and in victory. Move with Me, for I AM YHVH Tsaba – the Lord of hosts. I command the heavenly armies, and they defer to My command. 

Be ready to move at My prompting. Trust that you’ve been prepared. Yield to Me as I lead you, and leave the victory in My hands, for I AM a warrior. YHVH is My name. 

A prophetic download from Annette Fleenor is connected to this. It’s called “I AM with You.”

I have said I go with you, before you and am your rear guard. What or who should you fear? No one or no thing. For I am always with you, I do not leave you and I never will. I know others have hurt you and left, but I Am and I do not turn away from my children. I gave you the Authority, same one Jesus had while walking on this Earth. Do not allow any fear or intimidation to come over you! You are mine, child, and I stand by you and I fight for you. I will protect my own as a natural parent protects their own child and even in nature animals protect their own. Why do you not think that I will protect you any less than animals or humans? I will shield you.  

Walk together with me and together we can do all things. Walk in who you are in Me! Know your place inside of Me and in My Kingdom. True strength comes in the knowing; knowing who is with you and in you. You say, “I’m not strong enough to fight.” I say you have already been through preparation. Each thing in your life as go through the journey and you draw closer to who you are in Me has prepared you for this time. Sometimes all I ask of you is just to stand and see what I will do as you trust in Me. Other times I may say pick up your sword and fight. Draw from my never-ending strength. 

As I was with Moses and the Israelites crossing the Red Sea, I am with you. As Daniel in the lion’s den, I am with You. As David went to battle with Goliath, I am with you. “I Am” encompasses all that was in the beginning and all that will ever be. I Am with you. 

Joshua 1:9 (AMP) Have I not commanded you?  Be strong and courageous! Do not be terrified or dismayed (intimidated), for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

A Meditation of the Word called “No Longer Slaves” from Elisa Eaton of Waiting in the Wings is connected to this.

Exodus 12:41 (NKJV) And it came to pass at the end of the four hundred and thirty years—on that very same day—it came to pass that all the armies of the Lord went out from the land of Egypt.

There comes a point in our spiritual journey where God calls us to shift how we see our relationship with Him and how we see ourselves. So often we may find ourselves focusing on God as our refuge and our deliverer. And indeed, He is all that and more to us; He has delivered us out of bondage with a mighty hand. And yet, an amazing truth is that God delivered so that we might join forces with Him. We are no longer slaves, instead, we have been called to stand by the side of our King as a mighty army.

When the children of Israel were leaving the bondage of Egypt, Scripture refers to them as “the armies of the LORD.” With the Heavenly King mounting such an elaborate rescue, it’s difficult to think of this band of slaves as an army. And yet, if we follow their wilderness sojourns, we can see that the Israelites were definitely struggling to accept that they were God’s mighty warriors. The Israelites wandered in the wilderness for 40 years because they refused the call to join their King and battle for the land of Israel. 

Yet it was Joshua and his generation who were able to grab ahold of God’s vision and walk in it. When they considered the battles for the Promised Land that were ahead, they understood that the Presence of the King—along with His heavenly hosts—would be going with them, to fight for them. This is also the shift in perspective that we must make. We too must cross over from a mindset of oppression and weakness and rise up as the army we were created to be. However, our “military might” isn’t found in the strength of our flesh. For the just live—and fight—by faith and faith alone.

Joshua 6,9 (VOICE) So be strong and courageous, for you will lead this people as they acquire and then divide the land I promised to their ancestors…. This is My command: be strong and courageous. Never be afraid or discouraged because I am your God, the Eternal One, and I will remain with you wherever you go. 

Another Prophetic Nugget from Daily Downloads from Heaven by Meghan Williams is connected to this. It’s called “I AM Unshakable.”

Hebrews 12:28-29 (VOICE) Therefore, let us all be thankful that we are a part of an unshakable Kingdom and offer to God worship that pleases Him and reflects the awe and reverence we have toward Him, for He is like a fierce fire that consumes everything.

Beloved, I AM unshakable. My Kingdom knows no end. I AM a fierce and mighty warrior – a blazing fire and a roaring lion, shaking all that can be shaken so that what may stand firm will remain. 

As you are tested in the fires, you need not be afraid. In the valley of the shadow of death, I AM with you – you have nothing to fear. Join forces with Me. Stay by My side and trust Me, for I AM unshakable.

A final Prophetic Nugget from Daily Downloads from Heaven by Meghan Williams is connected to this. It’s called “Align with Me.”

Jeremiah 20:11 (VOICE) But I am not alone. The Eternal is here with me. He stands beside me, as a dreaded warrior. That is why my tormentors will fail so miserably. They cannot win. Their humiliation and permanent dishonor will be remembered for all time.

Beloved, align with Me, and I will stand beside you and in defense of you. No one can stand against Me, so join forces with Me. I AM victorious. I AM faithful. And I AM fiercely protective of My children. 

You need not worry about that which stands against you as you stand with Me. The power is not in you, but in Who you stand with. Look to Me and join forces with Me.

A post by Meghan Williams from is connected to this. It’s called “Choosing to Partner.”

As I was studying the word the last couple days, God kept highlighting to me how He CHOOSES to work through us. Let me show you what I mean. I was reading in Exodus about the plagues God sent to Egypt. In this moment, God is about to make it hail, which is His job and His business – the weather is under His control not ours. But He has been working through Moses, and so He tells Moses to raise his hand and that is when He opens the heavens. So the question becomes: did He need Moses to lift his hand?

Exodus 9:22 (VOICE) Eternal One to Moses: Raise your hand up toward the heavens, and hail will rain from the sky across the entire land of Egypt—upon people and animals and all the crops in the field throughout the land of Egypt.

Then again when He chooses to stop the hail He uses Moses; and Moses knew He would; we see this in these two verses:

Exodus 9:29 (VOICE) Moses: Watch closely. The moment I step outside the city gates, I will lift up my hands to the Eternal, and the thunder and hail will stop. Then you will know that the earth belongs to Him.

Exodus 9:33 (VOICE) Moses left Pharaoh and departed the city. He lifted up his hands to the Eternal and prayed. When he did, the thunder and hail and heavy rains stopped.

Again in chapter 10 He is working through Moses to bring the locusts, just as He did all the previous plagues and the ones to come. The fact isn’t God didn’t NEED Moses to do these miracles. He’s God. He can do whatever He wants. But He CHOOSES to partner with us. What an honor!

This brings to mind a story about a mouse and an elephant. The two were walking along and they crossed a bridge together, and the bridge rumbled and swayed. When they reached their side, the mouse looked up at the elephant and said, “We sure did shake things up!” In the same way, when we team with God, He allows us the joy of “shaking things up” in His power. (This reminds me very much of a Dyed4you silk called In Tandem, which is along the same theme.)

We must never lose sight of Who it is that has partnered with us. Never forget that He is where the power comes from. And yet, we – like Moses – should act in confidence, knowing He has teamed with us, and knowing He is faithful.

Thank You, Father, for choosing to move through us. Thank You for wanting to let us join with you. Letting us shake things up with You. Please grow our confidence and assurance. Help us learn to operate in Your flow even more efficiently and effectively. May we be ready vessels, prepared and steadfast, happy to move on Your behalf partnering with You.

The name of the silk hidden in this image is He is the I AM. The colors in it are ruby representing power in the Blood, light turquoise representing flow of the Holy Spirit, imperial purple representing Kingdom authority, wisteria representing peace and tenderness of His love, and fire representing intense passion of His love for us.

Father, thank You for allowing us to join forces with you, for allowing us to partner in Your victory, and for modeling what steadfast faithfulness looks like. May we be more like you each day, and may you be glorified in our lives.