Anointed Songbird depicts the anointed songbird releasing the sound of heaven – as powerful as a shofar’s blast – breaking through the veil between the earth and heaven and making way for the supernatural to manifest as God’s glory invades the earth. 

  • Jeremiah 1:9-10 (VOICE) Then the Eternal reached out and touched my mouth, and He gave me His divine message. Eternal One: Look, I have placed My words in you. You will know what to say now, for you will be My voice. This very day I appointed you to speak with My authority over nations and kingdoms. Your word — My word — will have the power to uproot and stamp out; it will destroy and upend. And then your word—My word— will rebuild and plant anew.

A Prophetic Nugget from our Dyed4you Ministries blog is connected to this. It is called “Sing Precious Songbird.”

Psalm 104:33 (TLB) I will sing to the Lord as long as I live. I will praise God to my last breath!

Beloved, break forth in song – refuse to be made silent. For your delight is a blessing to Me and brings glory to My name. It shifts the atmosphere and declares My goodness. It magnifies Me and brings honor to My name. So sing, precious songbird, sing!

Never discount the power of your song. The sound coming forth breaks chains and sets the captives free. The angels respond to your voice – even the armies of heaven move out on the notes carried by your breath. Your voice changes things. It shifts things in the unseen realm as well as the seen. Refuse to be silent anointed songbird, release what I have placed within you for it is lovely and more powerful than you know.

Another Prophetic Nugget from our Dyed4you Ministries blog is connected to this. It is called “The Power of One.”

Ezekiel 22:30 (VOICE) I searched for one man among them, a man who could build the wall and stand in the gap before Me and advocate for the land, a man who could convince Me not to destroy it; but I found no one.

Beloved, don’t underestimate the impact of one person, one voice. I am looking for one person to agree with My heart, let that be you. Stay tuned to My frequency. Let what moves Me, move you. Then respond accordingly. Trust My Spirit to lead.

The enemy will always seek for ways to silence and distract you, so keep your heart in tune with Mine and refuse to be silenced, refuse to be scattered, refuse to be moved. Never underestimate the power of one, the power you hold as you align with Me.

Isaiah 62:6 (CSB) Jerusalem, I have appointed watchmen on your walls; they will never be silent, day or night. There is no rest for you, who remind the LORD.

A Prophetic Nugget from our Dyed4you Ministries blog is connected to this. It’s called “Refuse to Be Silent.”

Acts 18:9 (TLB) One night the Lord spoke to Paul in a vision and told him, “Don’t be afraid! Speak out! Don’t quit!

Beloved, refuse to shrink back. Refuse to be cowed. No ploy of the enemy or criticism of man is worth bowing to fear. I AM with you. My grace sustains you. You are worthy and beloved by Me – not for what you do, but for who you are. And yet stand fast, refuse to be moved. Refuse to allow your testimony to be tarnished or stolen. You are able to withstand. My grace is sufficient.

For I, even I, have put the words in your mouth. So let them flow forth – allowing them to flow unhindered –  planting seeds and watering each in their season. And watch beloved, for I will surely plant them in fertile ground and that will yield beautiful fruit. Rich is the reward.

{hearing} Trumpeter swan. Biblically, trumpets were used to create a noise, that of alarm, a signal, or to announce an important event. Prophetically, a trumpet can symbolize the mouth of God’s anointed ones, those He chooses to declare His Word into the earth and to release heavenly decrees.

God has anointed your ears to hear the sounds of heaven and He has anointed your mouth so that you can bring those sounds to earth. Allow Him to teach you how to pierce the veil and hear what is on His heart. What He reveals to you in heavenly places, release without fear into the earth. In the same way, keep your ears attuned to the heart cries of God’s people; like the priests of the Temple, your songs will be as a sweet offering and fragrance offered on their behalf to the Lord.

As you lift your voice and release the sound of heaven, you are opening portals between the spiritual and natural realms. There is a thinning of the separation between the two and you will begin to see more and more of the supernatural taking place – and it happening without human hands involved so none but God can receive the glory.

So open your mouth and refuse to be silent. May your trumpet blast and tear the veil. Usher in the hosts of heaven and make way for God’s glory to invade the earth.

The name of the silk in this image is Word of Your Testimony. The colors in it are deep dark blue representing presence of God, raven representing under the shadow of His wing, light blue representing heavenly and overcomer, dark teal representing fertile ground, and silver shimmer representing freedom.

Father, we thank You for the anointed songbirds and pray nothing would silence their sound. We ask for increased anointing and boldness, discernment and power, and that through their obedience and ministry that You might move miraculously throughout the earth.