Fire and Water Dyed4you Art (available as Dyed4you Art flags)

This week’s release is a multi-art collection called Fire and Water, which includes our Fiery Extravagant Love and River of Life pieces. This set was created for our Fire and Water mismatched pair of Dyed4you Art flags. One of the first recipients shared these comments:

I picked up my fire and water Banners and I started worshiping to the song and the presence of the Lord became so real I felt the fire and the coolness of the river crashing down on me – it is amazing to lift these banners for this worship unto God! Oh my goodness it is amazing to feel the fire the heat of his love and the washing with the water of his word as they worshipped over me I couldn’t stop dancing with the banners praise God

Now I’m going to stop because of his mercy and read my papers to understand what the Lord just did with me and through me with my fire and water Banners – they belong to the Lord and as I lift up his banners he consumes me with the fire of his love and cools and refreshes my thirsty soul – oh I want more I want more of him – he is amazing

Open heaven River Wild that’s just what he did – you open the heavens and pour out the river and the coolness of his mercy and love