This week I’m excited to be releasing a new personal favorite (which based on the Facebook feedback so far looks like it’s quickly becoming a crowd favorite too) called Heir of Promise. This was originally created as a Prophetic “Portrait” and there is a neat testimony in the works for that story, but God gifted me a copy of the image (a framed piece of mounted art – see below) when it was complete as well, and the word was an awesome encouragement and confirmation. It gave me fresh insight and revelation and is a reminder I am loving having hanging in my “prayer closet” along with several other encouraging pieces 🙂

I hope this piece and its word bless you as well. It has a paired piece that will release next week followed by the first “multi-art” word that goes with the two pieces (Forever Faithful). Trusting they all will encourage you!

Read the full word for Heir of Promise