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Encouraging Confirmation

lisa-bI love how Father works! In this art story, we get to hear about how He blessed the person who was used in the image with the image He birthed. He put it on my heart to give printcards of the 3 newest art pieces that used the same model (so far she’s in Make Haste, True Wisdom, Releasing All, and Winter has Passed). Below is the story of how He used Winter has Passed to confirm a word He’d given her – beautiful!

I have a testimony to share about this piece!! A few weeks ago, I was in the midst of worship and pressing in to the Father when He gave me a picture/vision that was very impactful for me. It was a vision of Yahweh’s glory being held back by His wings in a protective sort of way that beckoned me to pursue Him and worship Him. In a way, I could see Him peaking out from under His wings watching the worship. He was holding back His glory for our protection b/c if He let the fullness of Himself flow forth…it would overwhelm us and we would be unable to sustain His glory.

To tie in how this piece relates: At the end of worship, I felt led to go to the my mentor and ask for prayer. During her prayer over me, she had a vision of me and a dove over me. And this past shabbat, I was gifted with this piece!!! What a beautiful confirmation of the season He is currently taking me through. All praise, glory, and honor to Abba. He moves and speaks to us in the most amazing ways!

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  1. I love that she has sown into D4Y art with her modeling and continues to reap blessings! How amazing that Father used a piece of artwork to speak to her that is so personalized she is actually in the image!

    I also need to find space on my walls for Winter has Passed, the art and word are so very lovely!

  2. What a fantastic testimony! I love how that worked together! Yay God, as Meghan would say 😉

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