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Introducing: Secret Place

SecretPlace_FBSo excited to introduce to you the newest Dyed4you Art image named Secret Place. Each piece I create effects me differently, and every once and a while I get to create one that just touches me deeply. This is one of those pieces.

I shared this image (but not the word that went with it) with a dear friend of mine who is on our Dyed4you Prophetic team and I was so blessed by what she shared back that I wanted to pass it along so you all could be blessed by it as well.

…wow, incredible and I love it.  I love the mix of the castle/fortress, water, sun, sky and scarf. To me, it speaks of the sea of obedience that the LORD gave me in a vision. He walked me out of a cave of rebellion, across sand to a sea of obedience. And in that sea, he has been washing me, gently squeezing this sponge so that water pours over me, gently washing small strands of hair.  Just taking His time, no rush at all, while I soak. Sometimes, we sit under the water together and soak.

…I see “Secret Place” as a resting, secure place in Him. A place of great beauty, intimacy, and a place to be soaking in Him. There are bridal elements, and I see the blue as the prophetic being active and speaking into our lives, our future and destiny.

I am seeing the horizon as sun rise and set.

The horizon line has been split open by the rising sun to shine on me! To light my path as we will walk into the new day, a day of walking on the water in faith. Walking out the prophetic words He has spoken over me in that secret place.

Setting sun, knowing He will be with me through the dark night, and still speak to me in the dark. And knowing that the night and the day are both the same to Him (Ps 139:7-12 Message) set me free from the fear of the dark.

May your days and nights be filled with Him. May YOU SEE the desires He has placed within you in the secret place come into fullness and completeness. May His love wash you, healing all trauma and wounding. And you find completeness and fulfillment in Him.

Seriously, this picture is like drinking Him in, it is water to me, so soothing and refreshing. And as I typed this, I started smelling fragrant flowers. Praying that all who see this piece of art, drink deeply of Him, His living water, and be refreshed and renewed. Saturated in HIM!

Just looking at the art, praying, and I saw the natural and supernatural coexisting. The secret place is where we on earth move from natural into spiritual.  The picture is such a great representation of being in both places at the same time….living it. And a representation of the seer dimension, seeing into both at the same time…. definitely a place I want to be! Wow wow

I pray it speaks to you as much as it does to us!

Read the word for Secret Place


  1. Tonia Borowski

    August 2015 at 1:25 pm

    I love this piece of art and it so speaks to the NOW. Thank You Meghan for sharing it with us.

  2. Jeanne Kimball

    August 2015 at 1:33 pm

    WOW does that prophetic word ever speak to me! This is on my must have list!!!

  3. Karen douglas

    August 2015 at 5:09 am

    I am in immediate tears over this picture. The pillars depicted are the ones I dance around when. I dance in my mind. And the sunrise. Since Abba told me His favorite color is sunrise, they have co.e to represent so much to me. I try to watch every sunrise…life after darkness, just like Him. And getting brighter and brighter.

    D there was the intro word…. coming out of a cave of rebellion…..floating g, swimming,, playing in the sea of obedience….that resonated with every particle of who I was, who I am and who I am becoming.

    Wow. Wow. Wow!

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