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Art for the Scent of Heaven

So excited to have been able to create a piece of art for our friend at The Scent of Heaven!  We’ll be creating a website based on the art and launching a redesign in the not too distant future, so stay tuned 🙂

For those who aren’t familiar with The Scent of Heaven, they’re a sister ministry to Dyed4you and Dyed4you Art. They create prophetic, custom-blended anointing oils (the only oils Dyed4you uses on their scarves).  We do offer Art/Oil gift sets, so take a peek at our Gift Sets and Specials if you’re interested!

You can also connect with The Scent of Heaven on Facebook 🙂


  1. Ohhhh! I LOVE it!! It’s perfect 🙂

  2. Gorgeous! Glorious! God Almighty!

  3. This is awesome!!! I love it.

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