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A Mistake?

Love this story and how it shows that even when we “think” there’s an oops, God is at work. There is grace in the process! She ordered an 8×10, but neglected to specify the image she wanted. She didn’t realize her mistake until this gift was opened… oops! But God had other plans. 🙂

I ordered a Dyed4you Art piece for my mom. From the moment I saw I knew it was for her. But apparently I forgot to read the “how-to-order” page. I thought I had ordered a certain one but I didn’t, so I got sent one. When she opened up the wrong one (she didn’t know what to expect), she said “It reminds me of my daughter” which was of course me. I told her I would order her the right one, and I did.

But what to do with the other one. My husband said we would keep it. He really liked the ‘painted‘ picture, more so than the others. My mom loved hers just like I knew she would and we now have the first one hanging in our home.

This is only the beginning of the story, I’m sure the Lord has a purpose for my mistake. We have ordered flags but never an art. My first art purchase was going to be a gift but I guess I needed this one first. I do feel like God is opening up a dance ministry for me and the art is a reminder of his calling he placed in my heart before I knew what to call it. My moms’ picture is Light in the Storm. Mine is Clothed with Power from on High.

And she added later…

My mother loves light houses and lightning and angels. And the word was perfect for her too. When I first saw it, i saw the lighthouse and the angel. She saw the lightning first. I first saw it before mother’s day, on facebook, but had to wait until channukah in december to order it. I have a list of several of the art pieces I like but couldn’t decide which one to get. The one I ordered, by mistake, wasn’t one I would have ordered for myself. But I guess God decided that was the one I needed.


  1. betty smuck

    March 2017 at 3:38 pm

    Love the way God works and how He use died4youart ministry to speak to our hearts❤ Thank you for letting the Holy Spirit lead you.

  2. Isn’t God just the most wonderful Father?!
    He knows what we need and when even if we think we don’t need/want it.

    Great story.

  3. My friend (spiritual mother) and I got those same ones when I placed an order for the both of us at the same time! I got the lighthouse. I love this story!

  4. How fun. God is a good gift giver!

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