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Confirming God Encounter

In this story she shares about how blessed she was by the Dyed4you Art 20×30 sized poster she received of Dance with Me.  It’s also fun to note the 3 Dyed4you pillowcases on the bed, a scarf on the wall and a 5×7 printcard of Rightful Place – truly a Dyed4you room!

She shares why Dance with Me ministered to her:

Where do I begin. First maybe by drying my eyes, have been crying every since I hung my art piece!

When Meghan first put this out on her site, I loved it. Didn’t really know why, I just did.

My husband and I moved things around in our bedroom, I texted Meghan and told her that I might be needing a art piece for above our bed, So I ordered a 20×30 of “Dance with Me“.

I came home for lunch one day this week and there was this big box on the front porch and I got all excited, I opened it up and I was in such Awe of this piece, I started to cry. I looked again and I noticed that God’s hand was coming down from Heaven to Dance with me, to be with me. I had not noticed His hand in the print on the site.

What is so amazing about this picture is 2 years ago many of the ladies from our church drove down to Redding, California to go to the 1st Women’s Conference at Bethel. It was such an amazing time and God touched me in many ways. Worship was just amazing almost 1000 women Praising Our Lord. Friday I saw the clouds move and heaven was opened up and Papa was looking down on all his Children!!!!

Saturday morning during worship I was praising God, had my right hand lifted to heaven. I felt God place something in my hand and close it, I asked Him what it was and He told me “Strength”. See sometimes (ok most the time – LOL) I feel weak ~ as if I don’t know enough ~ don”t want to speak out in front of other people, afraid of saying the wrong thing. See Papa doesn’t see me as that, He loves me and gives me all the strength, courage and wisdom that I need. He is always there for me. He loves to spend time with me, so He calls me to “Dance with me”.

So, as I look at this print, It reminds me of the time I spent Dancing with Papa.

Papa, Thank you for taking me back to this place, thank you for Meghan, for the Beautiful work she does for you. I will always love you Papa, thank you for loving me and teaching me all that I know.

Meghan thank you again for all you do for the Kingdom. I ♥ you!!

“I see myself Dancing with Him” Makes me feel so good!!! OK time to wipe all the tears away 🙂 “Tears of Joy”


  1. Karen Douglas

    January 2012 at 6:45 pm

    love this testimony.that is just like my Abba.

  2. I love your testimony. I can so relate to your testimony. I too often feel weak, that I don’t know enough. I also don’t want to speak out in front of other people, afraid of saying the wrong thing.

  3. I love that the art piece ministers to you so much, and it continues to remind you of such a beautiful encounter. What a blessing!

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