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Reminder of Identity

Rarely do I post links to old stories on our Facebook page, but today when at the Father’s prompting I posted a link to another testimony about this art piece, He surfaced another story!  It was a blessing to me and I’m sure may be to some of you 🙂

Here are the pieces she shared:

I also have this as an 8×10.  As you can see I use it also as my profile pic most of the time! I am just publishing a book on abuse and hope in Christ and I look at this piece very often and it reminds me of who I am. It is framed in black 🙂

It is a total Blessing I cried when I received it a few months ago. It meant a lot and was confirmation of what the Lord was telling me as to who I am in Him 🙂 sigh……

You can of course share…maybe if you like you can add that a friend had given me a plastic sword before I asked for you to pray over what you sent me (grin) I do hope you are encouraged to know that you are right on and I should have written you before to let you know about the confirmation…

Many Blessings continue to fall upon you!

Please agree with me in prayer as we bless this sister in Messiah as she works on this book – may it be a blessing to many!!!

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  1. Melissa Murdock

    January 2012 at 7:24 pm

    Definitely praying for her! I’ve been on the receiving end of sexual manipulation and abuse, and I had blamed myself so much, and then put blame on them, and never truly forgave for a long time. Through much healing Papa has shown me my worth in Christ, how much I truly mean to Him and that He understands every problem even better than we do. I now see myself as a royal diadem in my Papa’s hand and nestled close to His heart, and I hope all who read her book will come to know of their value and His love for them and be healed.

  2. I love how God works! Thank you for sharing her story. I love that picture! I too have suffered through abuse. Multiple times… multiple people. My self worth just kept diminishing and I would place myself around more people whom I allowed to rob me of my self worth. One day I will add this piece to my home! Beautiful!

  3. What an awesome testimony, may the Lord guide her as she writes this book.

    I too am a survivor of abuse, for me it was mostly at the hands of boys & men in my life. I no longer consider myself a victim after 20 years since the last incident!

    I have often tried to start a support group within the church for survivors of domestic violence, but infortunately, many in the church would rather avoid the issue than help both the victim and the abuser!

    May her book bring healing to many and opens the eys ofthe church to ways we can help in the healing and recovery process!


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