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River of Life Display

Recently the Lord made it clear it was time for my wrought iron canopy to go. I’d had it for the better part of two decades and frankly it had been around for things in my life that I didn’t need reminding of!  So the Lord began telling me it was time to go and then confirmed it in a dream to an intercessor friend.

Once the canopy was gone the next question was… what should replace it.  That was when the Lord birthed this idea (He showed it to me).  So it became a birthday present from my hubby 🙂

A custom-sized 30×40″ mounted print of River of Life surrounded by custom-sized, special order 36×144 Dyed4you silk called River of Life (the one featured in the image). It looks BEAUTIFUL!

And yes, that is a Dyed4you silk comforter too 😉


  1. Gorgeous! The comforter goes so well with it too!

  2. Oh MY GOODNESS! I am nearly breathless at the significance of this transformation … the holiness, beauty and unity that it represents. Lavished, surrounded and covered by the gifts our Lovely Wonderful one has blessed you with, including an anointed husband who seems to delight in finding ways to appreciate you and bless you at the same time.

    It seems you in the beginning of a great time of harvesting; reaping, reaping, reaping. :0)

    No one but our Father knows what the seeds sown look like but sure do enjoy looking at the harvest.

    I hear: “More to come”

    Thanks for being you and for sharing parts and pieces of your life so that others might be blessed along with you.

  3. When things settle down, I want to get the picture and the scarf … is that copying? Oh well … I want to ‘copy’ Jesus too so I think it’s a good thing.

  4. It looks just beautiful!!!

  5. Exquisite! How exciting to see a vision come to fruition. (sp?) It is beautiful Meghan.

  6. This is soooo wonderful.

    My husbands not saved but I have some prophetic pieces not really hung to thier best. I think if I put something like this over my bed it would do amazing things in the atmosphere of my room. I’m seeing dreams and vision in the night coming to him. A whole new release of the goodness of God to his soul.

    This is soooo beautiful… tell your hubby “Thanks for the idea’s that are now flooding my way.” LOL

    Amazing change. God is soooo goood!!!!!!

  7. Christine P

    April 2011 at 8:14 pm

    Beautiful!!! How exciting! I’ve got something up my sleeve for you and I see that it blends in with this!!!!! 🙂

  8. @Roslyn – It’s a good kind of copying 😉 I don’t mind AT ALL! I love the way it turned out – truly the pics don’t even do it justice…

  9. This is lovely, the way that silk ‘breathes’ when it’s hung on a wall, I can only imagine how lovely this truly is.

  10. Been thinking about this art a lot lately. Especially River of Life. Excited for all those new pics you posted on facebook!

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