I never tire of hearing how our art and silks touch people’s lives. This was a beautiful new testimony I received yesterday from someone who had gotten one of our gift sets from our Dyed4you Readymade Etsy store.

I received my first scarf from you today and I have to say it really is the best mail I have ever received. I opened the package and immediately read the letter first before opening the bag with scarf. Oh my the letter drew me to tears as I read each and every word carefully. Wow. Sometimes God just leaves me speechless.

Then my eyes drew to a beautiful 8×10 picture that I didn’t plan on seeing , the Revelation of God is the name of this beautiful gift God gave to me. Now I opened the small fabulous bag that held a anointed scarf used for prayer and worship. How beautiful.  Thank you for your obedience to God and leaning your ear to His will. His word. I am truly the one who has been blessed. Thank you again