I often will include a Dyed4you Art card with a note when I ship an order (not always, but as the Lord leads). I always ask Him which card to include when I feel led to do it and typically the card is never mentioned again. I just do it because I feel like He’s told me to. 🙂 Testimonies like this make it so worthwhile!

When I was young, one of my favorite things to do when I visited my grandparents was to wander through the rows of trees and get lost in my imagination. Things outside the orchard didn’t always feel “safe” but in the orchard I found a haven of peace and security.

Today I live 3 blocks from an orchard and standing at the end of the rows of trees fills me with that same sense of peace and invitation and I often stand at the end of the rows and allow that security to wrap around me. I even took a picture of where I like to stand because it is that meaningful to me.

A few days ago, I received my order of an 8×10 gift set and the card you used to thank me for my order spoke volumes to me about God’s love and care and how intimately He is acquainted with my heart and where I am right now.

Below is the picture of the card. In the comments is the picture of I took of the orchard.

Just, WOW! Thank you for your hearts, for how you listen to the Lord and follow His prompting even in the things that might seem small. This is exactly what I needed and I can carry it with me as a daily reminder of how He loves me.