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Double Blessing

KingOfGlory_FBWe receive beautiful feed back on the art so often, and I apologize I don’t do better of sharing some of those testimonies with you all! This is one we got recently when a woman selected a giftset with a large silk for her friend and had us add an extra small silk for her too. When we went to ship Abba nudged us to send a printcard along to go with her silk as well. Here’s the feedback she shared:

We received the art and silk several weeks ago. I just wanted to circle back and let you know how my friend Amber enjoyed the gift. She was speechless! She was so happy to have the art – and has a place to put the King of Glory on her wall above her piano where she worships. She sent me a card last week saying how much she enjoyed the silk – it was the right weight to use in worship – so nice!

Also, I wanted to say a gracious thank you for sending me the art too. I was so touched when I opened the envelope in the package that I was brought to tears. You see, after I ordered the art for my friend, I kept saying to myself “You should get one for you too.” And then, the surprise to see you had sent it to me, well, I can’t say how much I am thankful for your generosity.

I hope the Lord bestows multiple blessings on you and your business.

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  1. Awww, yay! I echo her prayer at the end. Praying for prosperity in return for your generosity!

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