Any of the scarves featured in a piece of art can be ordered in the 14×72 size combined with an 8×10 photo (and a 5×7 photo of the word).  These make a fantastic gift set!

These scarves are 100% silk with hand-rolled and hand-sewn edges. Each is custom dyed for you (so they will vary slightly).  These exquisite one-of-a-kind silks are Dyed4you‘s trademark 🙂

These are available from the order page.

If you prefer a different size, you may order the printcard from the order page and then visit Dyed4you and add any sized scarf to your cart – they’ll land in the same cart 🙂

March 2014 update

We’ve simplified how we’re doing gift sets. What we show here would now be an 8×10 Gift Set with a medium-sized silk. Get all the details!