During our weekly Lunchtime Lives on our Dyed4you Ministries Facebook page (which we include each week with the Prophetic Nugget we share during the livestream), we’ve talked on numerous occasions about dayenu, which means it would have been sufficient (here’s what we shared this past week: Hold Fast and Give Thanks). It’s a reminder that God has done enough to be worthy of praise even if He does no more. It’s about staying in a place of gratitude and praise regardless of circumstance. This week’s release, Blooming Faith, includes a pair of silks called Dayenu and falls along the same theme. We hope the art and its word will be a blessing to you!

An interesting thing to note is that Blooming Faith is another one of our derivative art pieces. You may recognize the background is a manipulated version of our A Place to Tarry Dyed4you Art piece. 🙂

Read the full word for Blooming Faith