So excited to introduce this week’s release (which was actually created just this past week). It is called Firm Foundation. For those of you who follow our Dyed4you Art Facebook page, you know we post one of our pieces everyday for discussion. On a day I’d shared our Honored piece, someone felt the image was saying, “The Word has been since the establishing of the earth and will remain beyond the breaking of its foundations.” Though that wasn’t the meaning Papa had given us for that piece (and we know that He will often speak different things to others which is great), I immediately knew He wanted a piece with that meaning created.

As I pondered this further, He brought to mind my family bible from the 1800s. So I did a quick photoshoot for it (Family Bible) and began birthing this newest piece. The silk hidden in it is a new one too. Its colors were selected based on the color palette of this art piece. It’s called Mighty Sword. We pray the art and its word will be a blessing to you!

Read the full word for Firm Foundation

Family Bible