It’s always fun to get to hear back about how people are blessed by their Dyed4you Art . This woman shares her response to the 8×10  Healing Rain photographic print she received. And though I hadn’t intended the shoot to look like a woman’s arm, I could totally see how it did – and I loved the imagery of grabbing on to the promised healing and refusing to let go until it came forth! I pray her story blesses you too 🙂

I got my gift today! It’s amazing how we all can look at something and see something completely different! When I first looked at the Healing Rain photo, I saw a woman’s arm/hand reaching out of the ground and grabbing something (green healing silk), and then my Husband said it was a plant/tree breaking out, first growth. I totally see that, but I’m not giving up on seeing that woman! I’m gonna take more time to really look over and read the words, but I can tell you Yahweh is just amazing! He knows how much I’m wanting and needing healing right now. Hallelujah ♥️ Thank you!!!!!!!!!