You may have noticed some of the words with our art pieces are getting longer (e.g. last week’s release). Initially, we planned to offer 8×10 versions of the word because we know you guys like framing the word too sometimes, but we’ve realized that still truncates the flow because we’re still limited on space. So we’re simply going to let the words be whatever they are, however long they are. No worries, a 5×7 portion of the word will continue to come with your art! We’ll just note at the bottom if there was more to the prophetic download than was included 😉 Since we post the full words in the gallery on our site, you always have access and are welcome to print them out. 

This week’s release is called Faithful and True. It’s the newest in our Book of Revelation series. It’s a beauty and includes one of my favorite silks (arguably my favorite spin wing) – if you want to see it in motion, I’ve included a video of it below 🙂

Read the full word for Faithful and True