We’ve been offering the prophetic choice option for six years now with many beautiful testimonies to confirm this was the right way to go! It’s become the default purchasing option. In this video, we give a quick overview of what we mean by it and how it works. 

The short version is: when you order your product (8×10, printcard, etc) if you DON’T tell us a specific image, we will pray and ask the Father what He wants us to send you. We will send you one of three things:

  1. something already released in our gallery on Dyed4youArt.com,
  2. something already created but not released yet,
  3. or we’ll create a new piece. 🙂

This differs from our Prophetic “Portraits” in that with those you know we will be creating something new, whereas with Prophetic Choice it isn’t necessarily. As always, if you have questions, let us know!