img_2052I find it so cool when we get to collaborate prophetically. As we operate in the flow, He moves through each of us and allows the various threads to interconnect and frankly I just find that beautiful!

This is written by a friend who is part of the Dyed4you Art community. She shares about her experiences with our Clothed with Power from on High piece, and an art piece she created that was inspired from it. This was originally a post from a forum in the Quickened Word (You’ll have to sign up to be able to access this post directly), which she tweaked specifically for us.  I hope you’re as blessed by it as I was!

Several weeks ago, I was drawn to a new piece of art you made. I was scrolling through my Facebook feed one day and the post just before yours was a video teaching called “Clothed with Power from on High”. When I saw your art it spoke strongly to me. I didn’t know that you looked for input when you made a piece but I couldn’t help but tell you how the video before your post was quickened to me as being a great description for the picture. A few weeks later you sent me as message thanking me for sharing what I saw—Clothed with Power from on High became the name of the piece.

Of course I decided to order the piece right away and it was a tough wait…even though it was only about a week, lol. You just know there are times when it’s a special message from Daddy. 🙂 Once I got it I was very blessed by the art and the word, as usual. A few weeks after having it, I had an encounter with the LORD where He gave me a new name. My name is Lisa but He called me Elisa. As I puzzled over this I got a confirmation later that day that I had heard right. As I continued to seek Him about it, I was simultaneously wrestling with why I struggled with closeness with Him as my Heavenly Father.

As a prophetic person I see many things but I have always wondered why I’ve been so afraid to “face” my Heavenly Father. It would be a honor and a privilege to see the throne of God. And although I would never expect or demand to see it, I was bothered that I feared to see Him there as John did. I loved Him, called Him Abba-Father but I didn’t know why I was scared to ever face Him. I realized that it was an area of wounding where I felt rejected and at times abandoned by earthly father though I know he loves me very much; as a result that transferred to God as well. I felt like a child of God but did not feel wanted. Life’s wounds can just cause those kind of filters but Yeshua’s work on the cross restores that when we seek Him. Then I saw that through my “name change” God was telling me that He was “sealing me” as His daughter. I wasn’t just some kid He happened to have. This wasn’t a children are to be seen and not heard relationship. This wasn’t “we can relate only once you’ve reached the full stature of Christ.” I am His beloved daughter, now and always. He wants me to be in His Presence never to leave it. And because I belong to Christ, I am an heir according to the promise He made to Abraham. My name, Lisa, comes from the name Elizabeth, a Hebrew name which means “consecrated to God.” I have know for awhile that that was significant, another stamp upon me saying I’m His. But Abba has taken the “E”—or Aleph—and “restored” it to my name. As you probably know, Aleph means strength, leader, and is consider to be the Father of the Hebrew Alphabet. He has claimed me as is daughter! And He has shown Himself strong and to be my leader…and in more ways than one.

Now, I thought that that was the biggest connection to “Clothed with Power from on High”, but I know from doing prophetic art myself that God’s Words to us speak over and over and over again because they are eternal, timeless.


Recently, “Clothed with Power from on High” inspired my own art project. I wanted to try an art project that involved painting on a rock. I’ve wanted to do that for some time but had never found a suitable “rock canvas.” I recently went on a trip to Door County, Wisconsin with my friends and we brought back a few rocks that were suitable for painting projects. As I was praying about what to paint I knew I wanted to use the Hebrew letter dalet to commemorate my trip there. Dalet symbolizes a door as well as a poor and humble man.

Not only was the rock from Door County but I know that going there was a prophetic act of walking through a door. I saw it all along the way and the reality of that wasn’t exactly a pleasant. Through certain events over the last year I have felt like I was being brought to the absolute end of my strength and to the end of myself. There were different visions and confirmations along the way that I was finally crossing the threshold of this door through death to self. In fact, the biggest confirmation came from Door County’s namesake: ‘Door County’s namesake came from ‘Porte des Morte’, anglicized as “Death’s Door’, or the passage between the tip of the Door County Peninsula and Washington Island.” (Wikipedia) Yikes!

The LORD was showing me that I would have to learn how to die to my flesh and let Christ’s Spirit live through me. I have always struggled with how this actually works but it is only when we come to the end of our own fleshly strength that God can come in to work through His strength in the spiritual. He didn’t just want me to be submitted to Him for a moment or from situation to situation but for a lifetime so that I could do His business in His strength. So, He has been in a wrestling match with me for some time—and in Door County He won!

When I went to paint my Door County rock with a dalet I felt inspired to pull the colors from Clothed with Power from on High. It was sitting on top of my desk beckoning to me. My rock isn’t as close to the colors as I would like it to be (and I didn’t wait for the glossy to dry) but it was still a great project and an excellent reminder of how God has opened the door to more of Him and less of me which has produced rock hard faith in Him.

Less really is more. The flesh profits us nothing. My flesh and my heart fail; But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. He actually brought this scripture to mind right before I accepted and entered into the greatest trail of my life thus far. And the revelation of this Scripture came from the midst of that fiery furnace. It came when I realized that I was not in the fire alone but that the Son of God was there with me, keeping me through it all. It was hard for me but it wasn’t too hard for Yeshua! Nothing is too hard for Him! There is no purer praise then that which comes when we truly have a revelation of God’s keeping power. There is no stronger shield of faith than one that is proved in the fire. (We don’t know how well the shield can hold up until there is an onslaught of enemy fire.) I think sometimes that when God proves or test us (removing our impurities so that we come out like gold), He’s simultaneously proves Himself to us (proves that He is who He says He is and is worthy of all praise!).

“The Door to More” — While you are holding onto Me, please know, Beloved, that I am holding onto you. You stirred My heart when you gave up all and had a heart like Ruth, “Entreat me not to leave you, or to turn back from following after you; For wherever you go, I will go; And wherever you lodge, I will lodge; Your people shall be my people, And your God, my God. Where you die, I will die, And there will I be buried. The LORD do so to me, and more also, If anything but death parts you and Me.” I told you that I would never leave or forsake you. And now you know and see. Now you know the depths of My keeping power, the depths of My love, the strength of our union, and the power of the covenant I made with you through My Blood.