Night Revelation on displayRecently someone received a 16×20 of Night Revelation as a prophetic choice Dyed4you Art piece. As it happens, this recipient has been plagued by night terrors for several years – you can imagine how frustrating and tiring it would be to have your sleep (not to mention your peace) constantly being stolen from you. So when Father picked Night Revelation, which includes in its word a declaration that Father is redeeming the time spent in sleep, and it specificalling includes that He’s ending night terrors – well, the recipient was blown away and weeping at God’s goodness! 

Here’s a portion of the word from Night Revelation:

…this is also a time the enemy likes to try to attack by bringing night terrors, nightmares, or demonic encounters. Father wants to redeem that time, reclaim what the enemy has tried to steal. Take back the night times previously filled with terror or nightmares, and use them instead in unimaginable ways of power, glory, and pleasing fellowship with Him.  He wants us to welcome the night as time to be spent with Him, even in sleep, to bring great good into our lives.

So first of all, we praise You, Father, for bringing comfort to your child and breaking off the plans of the enemy! Secondly, I ask for all of you to come into agreement with this word spoken over her – that these terrors will indeed be broken and that sleep will become a blessed time of her day. 🙂