Next in our “what is” series we’re talking about the 8×10 art with a 14×72 Dyed4you silk gift set. This makes a great gift (either for yourself or someone else!) 🙂

The set comes in prophetic choice or you can select your art piece from the gallery.  The silk will either be the same style that is in the art or one that is thematically connected.  This set is a double blessing and it’s very simple to get to add an oil (we stock anointing oils from The Scent of Heaven… they are AMAZING and seriously anointed!).

NOTE: Since we’ve changed the way we’re doing gift sets and added more sizes both of silks and images, this would now be an 8×10 gift set with a medium silk. 🙂


We’ve updated how we do our gift sets so be sure to see our updated post 🙂