Mix2When you order from Dyed4you Art, we seek the Lord and send you the image and accompanying word that we feel led to share.  This may be:

  • an image we’ve released in the gallery
  • one that we’ve created but not released publicly
  • or we may create a new image

For those who aren’t comfortable ordering this way, you can look through the gallery and order any of the images shown there by adding the name of the one you want in the specifications when you order.  If you wish to find out more about Commissioned Art, please visit the Commissioned Art page.

If you still have questions, you may way to check out our “How-To Order” post or feel free to contact us! You can also shop our ready made gift sets and more on Dyed4you Readymade 🙂

Note: We do have Dyed4you Art Flags, but if you are looking for silk or flags that you aren’t finding here, you can peruse our Dyed4you Readymade store.


Below are some of the items we can create for you, for pricing visit our online store

Cards & Printcards

Photographic Print

Prophetic “Portrait”

  • 8×10 Prophetic “Portrait” (Photo) that comes with its word in a letter (more info)
  • 8×10  Prophetic “Portrait” (Photo) that comes with its word in a letter and its connected silk (a 35×72″ Crinkle Silk) with its word (more info)

AddOns-GiftSetsGift Sets (Be sure to check out the gift sets we have in our Dyed4you Readymade Etsy store!)

  • Printcard gift set with: (more info)
    • Small (6×24) Dyed4you scarf 
    • Medium (14×72) Dyed4you scarf
    • Large (35×84) Dyed4you scarf
  • 8×10 gift set with: (more info)
    • Small (6×24) Dyed4you scarf
    • Medium (14×72) Dyed4you scarf
    • Large (35×84) Dyed4you scarf 
  • 11×14 gift set with: (more info)
    • Small (6×24) Dyed4you scarf
    • Medium (14×72) Dyed4you scarf
    • Large (35×84) Dyed4you scarf

Add Ons 

  • Refrigerator magnets (pair) (more info)
  • Add a card, we will handwrite your short message into one of our Dyed4you Art cards (prophetic choice only) to enclose with your package so you can include a personal note if it’s a gift 

Note: The prints are created to be as close to what you will see on your computer screen as possible. Please be aware that we may have to crop or add edges to get the size you’ve ordered and we will do so using our discretion as to how we feel best represents our art piece. Also keep in mind that prints have a different appearance than a backlit computer screen. Each is lovely in its own right. Please let us know if you have any questions.

You can order online through our Square Marketplace! If you have questions about how to order, please contact us.


If you prefer not to order online or if you are out of the US, please use the form below. We will contact you via phone if you want us to process a card or we will respond with a total with shipping and mailing address for you to send a check. You can note any questions you may have in the comments section.

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