Painting Sunsets reminds us Who creates the splendor surrounding us. He has created this majesty, we stand in awe.

“Don’t you know? Haven’t you heard? The eternal God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the earth, doesn’t grow tired or become weary. His understanding is beyond reach.” Isaiah 40:28 (GW)

{seeing} Father with His hand over yours as you brush together to sweep the skies with color. He desires to create with you. He IS the Creator and we are made in His image, designed to bring forth beauty that reflects His majesty. He is inviting you to create with Him. Not to solicit the praise of men, but creating simply for the joy of reflecting His character. Like the sunsets, often unnoticed as we rush through our lives, your creations may not receive accolades from others, but there is One who sees and is blessed. Create for Him.

The name of the silk hidden in this image is YHVH Bore (the Lord, the Creator). The colors in it are black representing humility and hovering of the Holy Spirit (as during creation in Genesis 1), purple representing kingdom authority, and midnight sea representing tehowm (the deep – Psalm 42:7).

Father, thank You for the reminder of Your awesome (literally) creation as well as for the invitation to create. May that which we bring forth bring glory and pleasure to You. May we stop to appreciate – with awe – all that You have made and may Your works stir up the creative juices You’ve poured into us whether the medium is paints, pictures, words, songs – it matters not how it pours forth, like a proud Papa, You just love to see us being like You, creating and appreciating that which brings glory to You.