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Garden of Abiding

Garden of Abiding depicts the bride awaiting the Beloved, like one of the lilies ready to be gathered.

“My beloved has gone down to his garden to the beds of spices, to graze in the gardens and to gather lilies.” Song of Solomon 6:2 (ESV)

The silk in this image is called Hungry. The colors in it are white representing cleansing of the Holy Spirit, amber representing the Father’s heavenly care, golden brown representing humility, and pea green representing new life.

Just as the bride is hungry for her new season and the groom is coming to graze in His garden, this is a time of ardent abiding. Like the deer pants for water, her soul cries out (Psalm 42:1-2). The aroma of her heart like spicy incense rising before Heaven’s Throne – longing and loving, waiting and wanting. In the same way we await our Bridegroom, our hearts keenly attuned to Him and His every move: abiding and waiting, expectant and anticipating all He has in store.

Father, may we choose to abide for Your presence is worth waiting for, worth abiding in, worth contending for. May we wait, ready to be gathered like a lily – sweet and fragrant – wholly pleasing to You.


  1. Elaine

    aboslutely gorgeous! I will be adding this to my wish list of D4Y art!!!

  2. karen douglas


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