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Stairway to Revelation

Stairway to Revelation is the first Dyed4you Art image. It includes the Revelation of the Lord scarf.

The Beloved’s bride – eager to be with the One she loves – rushes up the stairs to meet Him, leaving the world and all her cares behind (just as His disciples did – Matthew 4:19).

She is encircled in a rainbow, signifying the promises of God (Genesis 9:13). Waters of life rush down from heaven – as if the Beloved Himself is rushing to meet her.

Gelah Raz – the Revealer of Mysteries – draws her in, enthralling her with His secrets as He brings the Revelation of the Lord – the scarf closing in around her, which is made up of:

  • Turquoise representing life-giving flow of the Holy Spirit
  • Black representing deep calling unto deep
  • Royal blue representing revelation knowledge
  • Pearl shimmer representing the blessing of God’s truth

The scripture that goes with this scarf is from Amos 3:7, “Surely the Lord God will do nothing without revealing His secret to His servants the prophets.” The meaning of the original words imply a close intimacy – that of two close friends sharing a quiet moment together on a couch.

I pray that you would run to meet the Beloved, be swept up in His water of life, and be fascinated by the revelation of His mysteries.


  1. It’s gorgeous. This is one of the most asked about at my church.

  2. SO BEAUTIFUL AND MAJESTIC:) This one reminds me of the song RUN TO HIS NAME:)

  3. Uhm Uhm UHm, if i could type in tongues..Glory to God!…

  4. My Love, my Love, How beautiful You are. As I run to You, You run to me, and we are together forever.

  5. @Becky: awwww, that’s so beautifully said!

  6. Beautiful! I can see this being a tremedous blessing and help building expectations of sweet, sweet times of intimacy with the Lord!

  7. This one to me touched my heart so much because of the promise we have to see loved one again that have passed!! And our King!!! Very beautiful picture!!

  8. Racquel Isaac-Bennett

    Wednesday 17 August 2011 at 6:09 am

    This is a comment sincerely for the artist of this very anointed work of art. I don’t take it lightly when I come across something like this online in which I feel to comment on. My husband and I received a prophecy recently regarding the Lord bringing us much desired breakthrough in our lives by “breaking up the fountains of the deep, pouring out His Divine Spirit in a great deluge that floods every area of our lives as He opens the windows of Heaven” and then I see this picture that seemingly captures so much of that prophecy. God is truly a rewarder of those who dilengently seek Him, please continue to seek the face of God dear friend in Christ as you create these works of art under His powerful anointing. God Bless,
    St. Georges, Bermuda

  9. @Racquel – I am SO grateful to hear how the Lord ministered to you through this piece! Thank you for your kinds words and encouragement – very appreciated!

  10. This one reminds me of my dream as well..running with no shoes in a wedding dress…When the door bell rang, I went into a sprint to get from one door to the other, I was in a huge mansion…the anticipation of being with my love, to hold Him, and be in His arms. Luke 9 and 10…talk of the gospel of peace…leaving everything behind, including your shoes. I wish my I could paint what I saw.

  11. Oh and there was a teardrop pearl around my neck…I believe this may be wisdom

  12. Oh my, my, my!! This is amazing!! I hope it is ok to present this pic and the breakdown of the scarf, on my blog nubiancetouch.wordpress.com (if you would like to come over). This ties into my 4th day of a 40 day FreedomLiving Fast The Lord has a group of us on…invitation still open. 4 is the number of Revelation and this is day 4. Glory To God!!!!

    God bless and I will check out this blog further. Peace & Blessings!!!!

  13. This is such a blessing!
    It IS Anointed you Are blessed to be a blessing!

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